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  1. Recently, I went out and bought some good ol? fashioned parts for my computer. After calling in a rather helpful Indian by the name of Rishi to help me put together a computer from these parts, since they are not really too useful as anything else, I attempted to set up Windows XP Professional. And I was SNAGGLED. What I mean by that is that Windows would go and go and go and install everything. Then, while it was displaying the hopeful ?Now Starting Windows?, this deadly blue screen with white text essentially states any number of things. Here?s a list. 1. THERE IS A PAGE IN AN UNPAGED AREA. 2. YOUR BIOS IS NOT FULLY ACPI COMPLIANT. PLEASE UNINSTALL ANY NEW HARDWARE. Since obviously my computer is full of new hardware, this can cause some problems. Because while the case is pretty, it will not log me onto the internet and help my finish calculus homework. Well, it basically stated to press a combination of F7 and F8 to get into safe mode and turn off some BIOS options or other, nothing came out of it except false hopes and broken pencils. Here?s the parts I have: ABIT IS7-V2 Motherboard Celeron D processor A 256MB and 512MB stick of RAM (which does not seem to be the problem) 160 GB Ultra ATA/100 Seagate Hardrive MSI FX 5500 256MB video card A 16X DVD Burner from Pacific Digital A 16X DVD-ROM from BTC And a dusty floppy drive ripped out of a 1997 Acer desktop So, any suggestions would be appreciated, though I do believe it?s my motherboard. If not, then I extremely do not wish going out and buying a $90 motherboard on a student salary and $3.00 a gallon gas.
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