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  1. Hi, is it possibe (or an easy to realize addition) to select the files inculded in a scheduled defrag more detailed then simply the whole drive? Since defraggler can defrag individual files it would be great if - a list of files or filetypes could be specified for a scheduled defrag - just files with more then e.g. 50 fragments or more then 10 fragements per 1 MB will be defraged. Background: I'm storing really huge files on our backup fileserver and writing these onto tape gets slow if the files are heavily fragmented. But since the files are huge (50+ GB) i dont like to defrag the whole file just because it consists of a few fragments. So it would be great if I could run a scheduled defrag every week that takes care of all file having more then 1 fragment per MB. Thanks in advance, Markus -------------------------------- Sorry, I wanted this is "Defraggler, Suggestions" but didn't manage to...
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