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  1. Nope. I looked at one of these 5m Activ Extension which apperently can boost your usb signal to more than 5m but do they really work?
  2. Hello, I got a 10 metre USB 2.0 cable for my printer and i hae connected it to my computer running Windows XP. It says that the USB is an unknown device. I think i might need some sort of driver but that seems odd for a simple USB cable. Info for USB Cable: USB 2.0 10 Metres Male A - Female B Thanks for any help, CCluvler
  3. Screen Capture eh? Well there is a good program called Camstudio which is free and simple to use. Camstudio: http://camstudio.org/ For stills gotta go back to the old print screen button! Just press it once and paste it wherever you like! Well, here is a good site called 2shared which has an easy upload service and lets you see the picture before you download it. You can also upload any file you want! http://www.2shared.com
  4. Usually, there isnt much difference when you can defrag flash disks but here is how:
  5. Could you give me a link to the topic then please?
  6. My favorite Guns N' Roses songs are: Paradise City and Sweet Child O' Mine Great Songs!!!
  7. I love willitblend! Its hilarous. I cant belive they blended an iPhone 3G!!!!!!!!!!! Ive desperatly wanted one!!
  8. I really enjoyed that episode! I loved the electric wheelchair thingy Hamster tried out
  9. Hey! Ive been wondering. Which format of hard disk is best? FAT32 or NTFS? If you have no idea what im talking about then go to your computer, then click on one of your hard disks, and at the bottom of windows explorer, it will say which one you have. Well, here is all I know about these types of formats so far: FAT32: Pro:Supported by more computers Con:It can only have files in sizes of 4GB chunks NTFS: Pro:Files can be any size Con:Not supported by as many comptuers It seems that NTFS is better but im not sure. The support thing only probably matters on removable hard disks. I have expeienced a really big problem with a FAT32 disk. I had one in a Hard Drive Camcorder, and i tried to do a long film, but then later, after i had finished the file was in 3 parts which was quite annoying as there was a 30 second gap between each, AND im not allowed to re-format it. Thanks, Oh yeah, im running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit
  10. Partitons are perfect for putting big files on, as usually your C:\ drive often has about 15GB of space used up for your OS. Usually most computers come with them.
  11. I have checked the fragmented file list and i didnt see the "hibernation file" or any "metadata", but thanks for trying.
  12. CCluvler


    Gimp is awesome, like photoshop but free!! Thanks for the link!
  13. For me, i would just upgrade your memory. Easy option and you dont need to download any software. Worked for me!
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