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  1. Ahh... so you mean I just run that batch file whenever I want to restart with a clean machine... Thanks - will try it out and see if it's worth the extra clickin' EDIT: Alright, decided to clean up once a week instead and also do defragmentation then. Doing it everyday might be overkill anyway. Thanks though, for the support. Take care.
  2. The idea would just be for the computer to be clean of any temporary files on boot and thereby let the defragmentation tool do its magic on the rest of the files. But anyway, I can add folders with temporary files to an exclude list and then it'll be alright
  3. Was gonna request this, but will look into the parameter thing. Thanks. My reason is that I do boot-time defragmentation and if I can clean out temporary files on shutdown I can let the boot-time defragmenter work on all files. EDIT: Hmm... it seems that it can shutdown after cleaning, but what is meant here is, that it runs before shutting down. In other words, if I go to the start menu, click turn off computer and then shutdown, then it runs before shutting down.
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