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  1. Okay, thanx - yeah that makes sense. I believe your right, I'll have to research some more on that.
  2. Hello, 1st off I just assumed that with 3 user accounts on my Vista Home Premium OS, I had to download CCleaner under each user account - one at a time. Does anyone know if this is correct? Also, my user account is set up as the Admin, and the other 2 accounts are standard users. Now I've been having some kind of Java issues with the 2 standard user accounts: ie... I can't open my email, my kids say there are apps on myspace that don't work (like music that is suppose to automatically play but doesn't under the standard user accounts). Also when I try to download programs like CCleaner, from the standard accounts I go through the whole process, and it looks like it's downloading, then I click, "Finish," and the program's not there. Now, I'm able to open my email and download programs under my user account just fine, CCleaner works just fine, but not under the other 2 accounts. Also, for some reason I can't download Adobe Flash Player on the 2 standard user accounts. When I click, "Install Now," nothing happens, and unlike with my admin account, the bar at the top of IE that you click to download does not appear. If anyone can please help me that would be really nice. Thanks.
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