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  1. Ima neubie: how would you describe a 'restore point?' I'm having a silly problem keeping the scores on 'games' . When I get a nice high score, run CCLEANER , I lose them. But back to "restore point' . what is that? thanks.
  2. wanda

    problem with IE8

    i had a similiar situation. I logged in as usual, and found my Icons all over the place, and clearly, there were other things that were "off". I was really shocked, and had no idea what was going on, or what to do. I dont know why, but i went into internet options, and there where you have your "homepage" , (mine being Yahoo)I find the homepage was changed to something called "tatootaddle" . I'm petrified at this point, goodness, whats going on??? . the only thing i knew to do was go to system restore, and i went back a day, and all was fine. In the meantime, i checked for viruses etc, and found nothing. When we have bad weather here, i always sign off, and in some cases unplug. and if i unplug, i am sure the pc is all the way off. and then some. but i honestly cant remember if i had to do this. i only know i was horrified, and i'm glad things are back to normal. I consider myself a total newbie even after 6-7 yrs with a pc. boohoo on me. does anyone have any ideas what could have caused this?? dont get too technical please
  3. Why thank you. But it hasn't even been 2 months, more like a month at most 5 weeks,since I took up with Yahoo, and left msn behind. but anyway I just remembered something. I finally downloaded service pk 2, 3 weeks ago. then just 3 days ago, I DL service pk 3. would this make a differnce? you guys and gals have been a huge help with all your responses. You know, I did try contacting msn, thru their "help and support" awhile back when I came back on line after such a long time being off line, and it seems that I would get the same response. Finally could get no further , except maybe a phone call, which I declined to do. Theres really no hurry, and I can work on it at my leisure, I just thought there might be a quick fix, something simple. The reason I contacted you was because I DL CCleaner, to help with my registry problems and just thought it may have cleaned it right out of my pc. I will keep checking back at any rate, and when your through with me you'll just say so....yes? thanks wanda
  4. OK I always had an MSN account. Then we moved,and had no service.(only dial-up urgh.) and when we finally got back on line 3 yrs later, I couldn't get into my original account. MSN said that I never existed. And I was using the same PC/Hard drive. OK, so I changed my user name and password so I could get access and it worked. But the MSN mailbox changed so much I hated it, and thought I'd try Yahoo,(CLASSIC I love it)) as I had been there before, so I downloaded everything, Got a new user name and password, notified the few people I used to mail to, and pretty much forgot about MSN until last night. I figured I'd better check the mailbox to see if there was any mail there. That was when I discovered, that although the blue square screen still had my user name and PW, it just wouldn't let me in. And when I tried Int Exp, I got my yahoo screen. ( I have Yahoo as my home page) and couldn't access Int.Exp. And , here we are. And while I'm at it, the fact that I was offline for three yrs, are you deleted from, say, MSN, ETC? thanks
  5. Yes, MSN gives me the display that it cant log me in, and to check my internet connection, (which I did and everything is fine.)When I try Explorer, It takes me straight to Yahoo.,In the 7 years, I've always just used Msn and explorer, so this is all new to me( losing msn etc.)And I'm just perplexed. I really like Yahoo, but I didn't know I'd face this problem. thank you
  6. I am new to all this, so I hope I'm in the right place. I started using Yahoo, and it's my "home Page". I tried to get into MSN to check to see what may be in my mailbox, as I was originally signed into msn with a hotmail address.I am thinking this is ok.....to have two mail addy's. I really have no idea why this happened, but I am wondering if CCleaner could have anything to do with it. (by not being able to get into either explorer or msn.)anyhelp would greatly be appreciated. wanda. email address removed to avoid spamming~moderator thank you.
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