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  1. Alternatively you can right click and choose the merge option.
  2. Oriour

    A Small Question

    Oh I'll definitely run it from extraction, but judgment failed me the first time and now I've got some random data related to that zip file. I was wondering if there was a way to clear that up.
  3. Oriour

    A Small Question

    I extracted the contents and on open, that one has a blank search bar. I ran CC again, and doubled check the zip container. The searches are still present in the file in the ZIP container.
  4. Oriour

    A Small Question

    Awhile back I downloaded the CCleaner guide in its ZIP container and kinda ran the guide while it was in the container. To the point, I punched some things into the search and now it's permanently in the search bar should I open up the guide from its container (see attached). I'm just curious, is there anyway to cleanup that data (CCleaner seems unable)?
  5. I managed to test CCleaner run cleaning on another comp, and it required a restart on that one to clear out run. So I'm going to assume that restarting is required to finish up the process.
  6. Happy Birthday, glad to hear you had a nice one.
  7. Similarly, I've been using the reg feature for years and my computer hasn't died on me or anything and I rarely make back ups, unless it's for an entry I don't particularly recognize (95% of the time it's just uninstall leftovers anyways). I think some people reported breaking their comps using the reg service, so I do recommend making backups for your first time at least. I usually just leave the .REG, though that's because I'm too lazy to delete.
  8. A few days back I ran something in run then ran CCleaner, then for some reason I went back to run and noticed that all the searches were there, short story even shorter after a restart all the run entries were cleared. Is this how run should be cleaned up, basically clearing up after a reboot in the same was as the MRU in the start menu? I recall run being cleaned up before without needing to reboot, but my memory likes to play tricks on me like that.
  9. I was looking through regedit and noticed the entry hkey_local_machine/software/yahoo with two subs of companion and uninstaller (at one point i think there was an installer sub as well, though my eyes and brain has a habit of playing tricks on me, whatever the reason it's gone now anyways). Is the entire yahoo branch safe for removal?
  10. Oriour


    0.log Anyone have any idea what this file is or does. It's located in the windows folder, and I believe it generates on start up. A lot of people seem to pick it up on CC, but I'm just kinda curious what this does given that it's 0 bytes.
  11. Oriour


    I will also take this time to add my own thanks as well.
  12. I'm passing on the phone myself. A lot of money for something I probably won't be using much anyways. This security thing reinforces my decision, so thanks for that update.
  13. ah okay, thanks for the reply.
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