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  1. Re-creating cookies.sqlite may not solve the problem. Most non third-party cookies are session cookies which are not saved in cookies.sqlite, thus they don't show in CCleaner. If you have instructed Firefox to "Show windows and tabs from last time", session cookies are not deleted when Firefox closes, but are saved in sessionstore.js, so you still have those cookies. They can be seen in Firefox Options/Show cookies... the next time Firefox is started. Since CCleaner isn't looking at sessionstore.js, CCleaner doesn't know the session cookies still exist. I wouldn't call this a bug. If you save your "session" you probably also want to save the cookies that belong to it.
  2. I have a similar problem to the posts above running WinXP, with an additional issue: CCleaner lists no Firefox 3.5 cookies, nor does it delete any Firefox 3.5 cookies. It does list three cookies (from who knows where) that it will not delete. They are called bin.clearspring.com, local and localhost. Adobe Flash Player is checked.
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