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  1. thanks a lot, anonymous! One short link, and the world shows you the most astonishing ?machine?...your one&only computer! ) O.k., spent some time and two ore three trials - now it works as usu... - no, not unbrokenly: if I open a folder with the mentioned files/icons, there is - in a lightning - the change of icons to be seen (IE to FF). My faint suspicion: since last week of October, I use Avira av-software; nevertheless I suppressed the splashscreen of it in registry, it is known for its teamwork with IE - and, aren't there some relations between MS-Windows and certain internet expl
  2. Hello! After my first try of CCleaner, htm-file shortcut-icon shows IE-icon. IE is installed, but never used.. on mouseover of some "filename.htm" popup="**.htm FirefoxDocument". When opening those files, FF is used, as it is the standard browser... Seems to be a more cosmetic "problem", but why? ("Explorer>Extras>Options>Filetypes" don't let it change, as it names FF for the correct app to open with) Second question: why are there (new) temp-files-data in IE-Temporary Files\ContentIE5?As mentioned above: I never used IE! (Maybe a better question for some WIN-XP forums..) Thank
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