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  1. Hi! Can you Ps help me i have a Matsu/Panasonioc LF-D310 RAM/R burner that no longer recognises blank Ram or cd-r/rw discs it was working fine when i last used it (3 weeks) but i dont know what i have done to cause this! I use this drive for bcking up but i also have a NEC 3500 for burning other stuff. The NEC is master and the Mats is the slave. Also i have never updated Firmware on either drive would this cause all the probs? PsCould you Ps give me a A-Z on updateing firmware if thats the problem! thanks Kindly! PPs Also correct me if i am wrong but are these Ram disc able to be used as a hard drive? If so i cannot do this,if i try to update/overwrite a folder that i've backed up already i get a 'drive is read only'error or something sim to that!
  2. Hi I have 'googled' "VnS14H" but cannot find any relation to the prog! Any links about it?
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