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  1. The passwords that IE-11 has stored are being cleaned when I run the CCleaner. I do not have 'saved passwords' ticked. I am running Win-10 pro Am I the only one this is happening to? The browser will ask if I want to save password and I always tick yes. The browser will autofill user name and password the next time I log in and all is well until I run CCleaner.
  2. After running program I have to relog into all websites that I have the cookies saved for. This has never happened with the older versions (free) that I have used for many years. This is happening with IE-10, win-7 v5.00.5050 (64-bit)(free version) Is this already posted ?
  3. After uninstalling and reinstall TWO times, It is now OK and working properly as it always did before.
  4. Just updated to latest version, now this comes up>>>Graphics:The specified service has been marked for deletion. Whats up with this?? WinXP sp-3
  5. Thanks for the reply! My computers' C: partition does not have DOMStore in the Internet Explorer folder. What it does have are two folders, iconcache and Services.. The registry location is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage I have seen the banks entry at this location in the registry and after running CCleaner it had disappeared. I have taken your advice and added the registry line to my ignore list and I am sure it will not happen again. Thanks Again!!
  6. No, this cleaning does not include the registry. If when I clean the registry I would see the banks cookie and would tell the program to ignore it.
  7. I have always have had the banks cookies to keep in the cookies section. This is not a regular cookie. It is a persistant cookie that is not stored in temp internet file. It is stored in the registry.
  8. My bank has upgraded their security settings and now sets their cookie into the registry under DOM storage.(super cookie?) It seems that CCleaner gets rid of this cookie during cleaning (at least for my set-up) and in order for me to log in after a cleaning I have to receive a call from them with a code number to enter into their website. Is there a setting I have to uncheck in order to retain this cookie in my registry? Win7 Pro 64bit SP-1 IE-10
  9. I thought that IE10 for win7 was not in beta anymore and was a full release version. Anyway it is the fastest browser I have ever used. I wish my TV could change channels as fast as this goes from one webpage to the next. I am usually a very late adopter and just 2 and a half weeks ago I got a new computer after over 10 years with winXP. I use a microsoft trackball explorer that will not work with win8 so I will not be going there any time soon, and had to jump thru quite a few hoops to get it to work the way I am used to on win7. (macros) I see we have exactly the same interest. Thanks for the reply!!
  10. Hi Hazelnut, Thanks for the reply! I am sorry I forgot the browser and cookies.(I should know better) I am using IE-10 and the cookies are from my gmail and aol web mail. I have all of them saved on the right side of the cookies page. The Win7 is also SP-1. With all updates. I have been using CCleaner for many ,many,many years. I have used it with IE-6,IE-7,IE-8 and IE-9 and it always saved the cookies. Anything else please let me know. Thanks again!
  11. CCleaner has started to delete cookies that I have in my saved list. It has never done this before. Is this something new? Win7 pro 64x
  12. AS usual, I fixed this myself. I had DCOM service turned off which in turn does not supply the system restore points to be observed. As soon as I turned it back on,all of my restore points could be seen. Thanks to me.
  13. V3.20.1750 latest version I think they disapeared last version Yes I can run system restore and create restore points manually and automaticly after hot fix tuesdays This also happened a few years ago but then they came back for a long while but now are gone from the ccleaner page again.
  14. My system restore is ON. Always has been. I can restore if needed and used to be able to see all restore points with ccleaner. Not anymore, just blank screen.
  15. The system restore in tools comes up as a blank screen. What file association is missing from my computer to make this display? It used to work but I think ccleaner deleted something that allows it to display. WinXP home sp-3
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