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  1. Many thanks ! for the absolutely GREAT (he shouted) add on of ' print text' in the Tool's/Uninstall section. I have been looking for someting like this for a yr now. I think CCleaner may be the first (only ?) sw to allow the ability to essentially ' print ' a listing of the Add / Remove section of Windows. Can't begin to tell you how helpful this is to Sys Admin tasks. And the SPEED (he shouted again) with which you implemented this request ... unbelievable. CCleaner RULZ !! again, many, many, many thanks ! (Anyone who agrees w/ MHO, please seriously consider Donating th
  2. MrG MrG MrG I'll be thanking Yee! (Sorry best I can do at 3am) This is wonderful news and I do appreciate you making the time for this. Hope to hear from other Forum members who think they will find this capability helpful.
  3. Thank you gunner and CaPMan for taking the time to reply. #1. Have used screen cap to do as gunner suggests. I have a Very loaded system and it takes me as many as 6 shots to get a list of the ' Add/Remove ' section. Then I have to ' stitch ' them together etc. And since it is a 'pic' as opposed to text can't 'type' notes etc. It would be nice to have a 'text' print out to use for admin tasks. #2. I have 'tired old man eyes' and its sometimes easier on me to be able to read paper results over a short period of time while making decisions on what to do, keep, remove etc. 'Remove" being
  4. Hi all...First let me say how much I appreciate CCleaner. It has one of the 'cleanest ' / leanest GUI's and IMHO the least bug's of ANY freeware SW of this type and it's author(s) should be thanked. The real topic: Is it possible that we can get (soon) the ability to print the info from the Tools tab's ? Are any other Forum member's interested in supporting this idea. An aside: In the meantime can anyone recommend a prog to print out the ' Add Remove SW ' section of Windows (XP) ? tia.....
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