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  1. This is Windows XP on a SONY VAIO I got in 2002. I am trying to get this computer working as my other one is in the shop. I know they were there, because I wanted to retrieve old email files and music. I ran CCleaner and as it was scanning the names of Outlook Express and Windows Media Player whizzed by. Then when I looked for them, 2 minutes afterward, I could not find them. Does this program have an "Undo" button? If you think programs are still there, where did they go? Have they been hidden? Thanks for your response.
  2. My other computer is in the shop, so I am trying to get this old one going. I used CCleaner to clear up space--but I fear it may have deleted my Outlook Express and Windows Media Player. I did not click on them to be removed--but I did click on other files in their cartegory. Now I cannot find them? Can anyone tell me what happened? Did they get moved or are they gone? If gone, how can I get them back? If CCleaner deletes files like that, this program seems dangerous. Is there an UNDO button? Thanks for your help.
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