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  1. Same problem for me. I uninstalled ccleaner and deleted all files and registry entries I could find. Installed an earlier version to test. v5.40.115.6411 It updated itself without letting me know. Not a nice feeling. It's free and has served me well, but...
  2. pcspeak

    Donation Problem

    YIPES!! NO! It's not. nudge nudge. (thanks)
  3. pcspeak

    Donation Problem

    Logged onto PayPal. It seems I do have an active card. BUT it had expired. (expired & active. Huh! ) Fixed. Apologies for all the fuss. Sent 10 quid. Thanks again.
  4. pcspeak

    Donation Problem

    Aha! I think I've got it. I believe I have not been consistent in my testing. I have been using my email address in both fields when sending . This seems to cause the error. Removal of '@gmail.com' from the 'Name' field allowed the message to go through. You may want to confirm this. Name: ****@gmail.com Email Address: ****@gmail.com Message: STILL TESTING. PLEASE IGNORE. Now to my donation problem.
  5. pcspeak

    Donation Problem

    @Nergal Follow up. Rebooted my PC. Started IE6. Clicked on the link in your post. Filled in the form. Clicked Send TA DA! Went back to my original method. Same problem Not sure what's happening. Will find out, somehow. Thanks.
  6. pcspeak

    Donation Problem

    I have IE6 - all current patches. Clicked here This is the link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_...charset=UTF%2d8 gets me to here. I'm then asked for a credit card number.
  7. This is the process I have gone through using the contact page. Never give up. Never surrender. ********************************** Well. That didn't work. Couldn't contact anyone. Got this. Does anybody want any money? Oh. By the way. HI ALL
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