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  1. Hello Davey, sounds like that is what is happening. It is not really a big problem, all I have to do is click three times and the TV station works fine... Take care, Upageya
  2. I am afraid that is also the experience I am having. I can set CCleaner and firefox as I choose, it will also delete the cookies I want to keep. My experience is that CCleaner simply does NOT show all the cookies that are placed on my computer in its list of cookies, and so I cannot move them to the right side list, the ones that should not be deleted. Is there no way to get all the cookies that are sent by websites to the list of CCleaner?? The world will not come to an end because of this. I simply have to click four places and everything will work as I want it to. But it would
  3. THe cookies I want to keep belong to a regular radiostation and a TV station. The radiostation wrote back to me, that they have problems with their cookies.... I tried what you suggested, lets see what happens, thanks
  4. Hello, davey, hello nergal, 1. "Leave on your ctf , tray, a/v, firewall and any back up at first boot type software." The "ctf" I can recognize, because there is a file by that name. The rest means nothing to me....??? 2. The firefox version that I use now is 3.0.3 but the problem with the deleted cookies was the same when I used 3.0 But, nergal, my problem is that something deletes cookies that I do not want deleted. Firefox does not ask me, if there are any cookies on its list that I want to be kept.... The cookies that I organize in the CCleaner, they stay right where I
  5. Hello Davey, so here is part two... The cookies I am looking for are not listed in CCleaner, so I cannot transfer them from the left list to the one on the right. They are listed in the cookie list on Firefox however. In Firefox I can basically only delete cookies and there is a list for the non-accepts. I can delete them one by one, or I can delete all of them at the same time. But there seems to be no way to keep a particular cookie, or transfer it to the CCleaner list. CCleaner must be deleting the cookies from Firefox, and I cannot find a way to keep certain cookies... So how do I
  6. Hello davey, I am sort of a mix of computer moron and someone with a reasonably functioning brain.... to give you an example...I bought this laptop with only free-dos on it six months ago. I installed XP and Linux Suse on it, and while in Europe both worked fine. Here in Japan, when I plug in my dsl cable, the XP works without a hitch immediately. The Suse however works fine in Europe, but so far no one has been able to get an internet connection with the Linux system here in Japan, although absolutely nothing has been changed....... So, I downloaded the software, made the screenshot and h
  7. Hello, first about the cookies: I do listen to a certain radio station on the computer. When I look in the Firefox - Cookielist, that station has stored a cookie there. When I look in the CCleaner at the same time.....no cookie. So I canot keep that cookie, and as a result the settings for the radio program vanish. The exact same Problem also with a TV station. Firefox = Cookie, CCleaner=no cookie.... What am I doing wrong, please? Second about the auto-start-list ... There are about a dozen programs on that list, but I have not the slightest idea what these are, and if I can d
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