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  1. Is there an estimated time frame for the next release?
  2. I just upgraded from a beta version (.9.???) that ran fine on my 200gb drive (XP). If I had minimal fragmentation, it would run VERY fast. For example, when I defragged after a few hours of another defrag, I might have a hundred files with, say, 500 fragments. In that case, it might take less than a minute to defrag the files after "Analysis." The same circumstance now takes HOURS. Even after I analyze the drive before defragging, ".094" seems to go through every directory on the drive. I have looked for a setting to tweak without success. Is this a known issue? I see that others are running more slowly than under earlier non-beta versions. But I don't have a sense of whether the underlying structure of Version 1.03 has changed so much since Version .9 to know whether to expect a loss of speed of the magnitude I have experienced. If so, I may abandon Defraggler for a speedier tool. It has gone from my fastest defragging tool to my slowest. I look forward to good news....
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