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  1. Windows Hotfix Uninstallers cleaning feature should be removed or slightly modified in CCleaner. I tried this option and CCleaner wiped any information available for installed Windows XP updates on the Add/Remove Programs control applet. The fixes are already installed on the system, but the program infos aren't displayed. I'm afraid that using Hotfix Uninstallers cleaning option could cause harmful changes to the Windows registry (wiping any details related to any hotfix installed on the system). Make sure to add a mod in the registry that prevents hotfix info wiping during hotfix uninstaller
  2. Crap Cleaner wipes Google contents from the Google toolbar, but this cleaning feature concerns versions 1, 2 and 3. CCleaner seems to not working properly with the new Google Toolbar 4 Beta. Should CCleaner 1.27 support Google Bar 4 or higher? Cheers.
  3. A good thing is to place an "Add Program" option on Crap Cleaner to add a specific application for cleaning MRUs and other contents. User-friendly options should include a specific category or sub-category (e.g. Multimedia, Browsers, Utilities et al) for placing the newly added program to be cleaned by CCleaner. This useful feature appears to be the easiest way to add many of the most popular Windows applications instead of making harmful changes to the registry and should be added on the next release of CCleaner.
  4. To perform these additions, changes to the registry must be required. But changing or modifying the Windows Registry without major skills of experience is an extremely dangerous task and this caution message is a useful recommendation for beginners, hobbyists and home users. I'd prefer to wait the next Crap Cleaner release instead, rather than performing myself any harmful changes which potentially cause serious damages to the system, such as crashes and BSODs.
  5. Crap Cleaner has been recently updated with cleaning options for Quicktime 7.0 and Google Earth, although there's a lot of cool stuff to be cleaned by CC: Painter, PaintShop Pro, Movie Maker, Registry Editor, Photoshop (all versions, including CS2), Acrobat and AcroReader..... But I'd like to see the next release to feature cleaning options for Cowan's JetAudio, CyberLink's PowerDVD and Ulead products. As always, Crap Cleaner will also embed an additional cleaning engine for Sony Media and Steinberg products, such as Sound Forge and Wave Lab. Have fun!
  6. There's a lot of fun to do with Crap Cleaner. However, I felt the Microsoft Update website a little bit "messy". This is probably due to the fact that Microsoft doesn't included an option allowing users to clear the installed updates history list from the Microsoft Update History. I'll dreaming about an online version of the Crap Cleaner performing that task. Yes, an interactive clean service which can be available as an ActiveX control which clears the Recent Installed Updates history from Microsoft's Update homepage without performing harmful changes to the system. Finally, I'd hope that the
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