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  1. I use: Avast! as my main scanner (best I have ever used) AVG Spybot: Search & Destroy Google Chrome's built in anti-virus
  2. I think that the status bar along the top when on "Cleaner" should actually show the %age of things cleaned. If it does it for the Reg cleaner, why not the data cleaner? It is really annoying to see that bar fly along the screen every few seconds.
  3. manadude2

    OH SNAP!

    1. If you used the Secure Delete then this won't work, so no point in trying. 2. Download and install Recuva onto the affected computer. 3. Run Recuva and see if you can find the files that were deleted. 4. Check the box next to the files and click recover. 5. They should come back up! Yes my better translator worked this time!
  4. I thought I would try out the Auto Shutdown code thingy for CCleaner and it works fine, except if analyses the computer and then shuts down instead of analysing then removing files then shutting down. Is this suppost to happen like this, or should it remove files first?
  5. Thanks that worked. Sorry about the double post... Oops!
  6. If I untick Cookies, it will still remove them, why?
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