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  1. Yes like this Idea it could also Be used for Defragging the MFT data since It will be free to mess with on boot. As well as pagefiles. Boot time defragging is a must. There is another Defrag program that uses boot time to defrag MFT and page files on boot and it works good. so this Is something to look into. the program im talking about is, Disk keeper. does boot time defrag On MFT and page files.makes the PC faster =].
  2. hi =] I've been using ccleaner for a while now ahah long time actually and was wondering if you could also make a version of CCleaner for Linux based systems like ubuntu since if you did ubuntu would highly advertise CCleaner since they love to advertise freely distributed programs since ubuntu is free. and the encourage the use of free programs. If you could make or develop a Version if CCleaner for ubuntu linux it would be great =] thank you for reading my request sincerely genusis
  3. i would make a new option in defraggler to be able to scan and defrag your registry to help the pc gain back its performance form removed and added registry entries.
  4. ok well here i go i will try my best to give the best suggestions i can to help you finish defraggler. ^^ 1> one the screen when it is defragging just the files themselves and not the whole thing it needs to be able to minimize so if it does take a while we can do what we want without it popping up or staying on the screen. So minimize button on single file fragmentation screen. 2> instead of just showing all the block allow the user to choose between the blocks or the single line with red lines blue lines and such like windows defrager for xp. or to fix it to show the whole drives squares rather than some of them. like a scroll down bar. 3> when a program is using a file instead of skipping it have a message display asking to skip or to wait till the process is complete to defrag the file. 4> the most important part so that every inch of the computer can be defraged since no other program would be running is to defrag on pc restart where its not starting up the pc all the way till it defrags the drive. like disk check how it wants to check the disk on reboot. <this way to help get mtf files and such since the system won't be using them. =]. restart defragging. 5> make a slow defrag mode which can use less memory so slow computers could easily use defraggler. and thank you for defraggler so far =].
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