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  1. @Dave CCleaner Do you have figures about how many licenses are bought after CCleaner because a subscription? Concerning subscriptions to software, there is only 1 subscription which is acceptable: Microsoft Office 365. 6 users, big mailbox, 1TB cloud data per person, superb applications. Many people joked about Microsoft in the sense of Micro$oft. But I believe it's no longer true. Every company needs to make money. A company gets my respect in the way that they do (quality and service is also very important). For me, the mother company of CCleaner is known to Ava$t. A vast majorit
  2. I also believe that I purchased a lifetime license in 2014. I attached a screenshot of my invoice (which doesn't mention anything about a subscription or 1 year of whatever. And the first time I requested to send my license key (July 2015), there was no expiry date. Also my license is no longer accepted: Patrick
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