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  1. Q. Do you have the CCleaner version with the toolbar? A. I don't know what this is, so I guess I don't. I run CCleaner manually from the Program Files location as I don't want to advertise to Corp IT that CCleaner is installed. Q. Have you looked in the event viewer to see if there is an error message generated there? A. Sorry again, I don't know what the "event viewer" is that you reference. Please explain. I do not believe I can 'turn off' SAV10. I'll look into finding an OFF option. I have been looking for disk image software myself this weekend to use when the machin
  2. Disk4mat - Thanks for the review, I appreciate your efforts. BTW, I have not sent in this laptop to be reimaged as that requires shipping to an external site and I need a loaner before that makes sense. I am still encountering the start-up problems each time I boot. SO, I'm definitely trying to minimize the need to shut the machine down.
  3. I've run the CCleaner scan as requested. I'll try t attach it here. ccleanerSCAN.txt
  4. Q1. I take it you are only talking about the cleaner program and not the registry cleaner (issues) part? A1. Yes, just the cleaner part. Q2. There is no way CCleaner can be invasive on your machine as it is basically removing temp files etc from the machine. A2. Obviously a false/incorrect statement as this is the second time an OS load is required on the laptop after running CCleaner. Q3. Do you have to enter any info on startup for your encryption program? Could any of this info be stored in a temp area? A3. No, the encryption login in integrated into Windows login and work syst
  5. I really do like this software but it's cleaning function caused, again, problems to my laptop system that technical support says requires OS to be reloaded. This time I am experiencing two OS errors repeatedly: 1. on start-up after POST and GuardianEdge disk encryption, when the animated Windows XP loads, system freezes a few seconds into the load (animation stops). I have to hard reset the machine 4-7 times before something allows the boot-up to go beyond this animation screen. This started right after running CCleaner the night before. I use the stock CCleaner settings (checke
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