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  1. Hi, Defrag when idle option has been moved to 'Task execution conditions' dialog. In order to use it do the following: - Check 'Apply additional conditions' in 'Schedule' dialog - Click 'Define...' button - In 'Idle' group fill 'Start defrag only if the computer is idle for' option. Hope it helps Best regards Romanoff
  2. Hi, thank you for reporting the bug. We will take a look at it. Best regards Romanoff
  3. Hi, boot-time version of Defraggler defrags the pagefile.sys. Hiberfil.sys file is not supported right now. Best regards Romanoff
  4. Hi, please see the df.exe help for more details (just type in df.exe and press enter). Switches for free space defrag for df.exe are /fs and /fsaf. Best regards Romanoff
  5. Hi, there are no known issues concerning exFAT drives. We will check this. Best regards Romanoff
  6. Hi, we will look into this issue. Can I ask you to create debug logs from these situations? - Creating a debug log - Please note that /debug parameter works with df.exe as well.
  7. Hi, most of the empty blue blocks are occupied by internal NTFS metafiles. Defraggler cannot do anything useful with them, so they are excluded from the analysis data as their names are very confusing for the non-technical users. Best regards Romanoff
  8. Hi, During the defragmentation Defraggler treats $MFT similarly to normal files but with one exception - it tries to lay it immediately after the first $MFT cluster. This is caused by the fact that the first cluster of $MFT is unmovable. If Defraggler had increased the number of $MFT fragments during the defrag significantly, please create a debug log from such defrag (http://www.piriform.com/docs/defraggler/troubleshooting/running-defraggler-in-debug-mode) so we can analyze it and solve the issue. Best regards Romanoff
  9. Hi, these light blue boxes you see with no files inside are used by NTFS internals. There are many different filesystem structures that occupy space on the drive but are completly out of reach for Defraggler - NTFS just does not allow to move or even open them (even in the boot-time defrag). They are not added to the analysis results simply because one cannot do anything with them. Their names are also very confusing for users which are not IT professionals. As to folders on FAT drives - they also cannot be moved. The filesystem driver does not allow moving first cluster of the directories. Best regards Romanoff
  10. Hi, Thank you for reporting the issue. It has been added to our development plans. Best regards Romanoff
  11. Hi, Once, Daily, Monthly, Idle etc. are triggers for the defrag, so they determine when Defraggler will be started. In the case of idle trigger, after the defrag is started, Defraggler will not stop/pause when computer activity increases. We may implement such feature in the feature though. Best regards Romanoff
  12. Hi, thanks for all information. We will look into this. Best regards Romanoff
  13. Hi David, /QD switch was made to enable quick defrag from the command-line version of Defraggler. Currently it is not possible to enable this kind of defrag for the schedule using the UI, but you can manually add this switch to the tasks created in the Windows Task Scheduler. Best regards Romanoff
  14. Hi David, We plan to add these features in future releases. As to the "/ts" parameter - this parameter is used internally by Defraggler to distinguish if an instance is a stand-alone one or it was run from the task schedule. That is the reason why it is not documented. Best regards Romanoff
  15. Hi Guys, When calculating the amount of free space before defrag, Defraggler takes into consideration only the free space which is outside the MFT zone. We would not like to see any files moved into it, as it is the free space reserved by the system for future growth of MFT. It is allocated only if the remaining space (outside the MFT) is used. As you can observe on the screenshot attached to the first post, the MFT zone may be pretty large. Best regards Romanoff
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