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  1. Bruce, I think you would be wise to edit your above post and REMOVE your personal email address. You're asking for trouble from spammers, et al, posting it. Did you solicit help from the web sites suggested by hazelnut? To attach files (assuming they reside on your system): Click Browse in the Attach Files section (at the bottom of the message screen) > locate and select the file (such as a .jpg) you wish to attach from your computer > click Attach This File (below the Browse button). Chris
  2. This appears to be the first visible release under the new owners - Invincea. http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie I'm still stuck on versions 3.7X because version 4 breaks too many things on my XP and Win7 machines.
  3. tzuk posted this morning that in about 6 weeks he will be departing Sandboxie. Sorry to see this happen. He was tempermental at times in some of his posts, but he was very devoted to his product and constantly kept it updated. I've been using Sandboxie for several years now not only for browsing protection, but also to test new software. For those of us here who are Sandboxie users, we'll have to see how this plays out with Invincia. If they continue to support Sandboxie as we know it, then that will be good. If not, then I'll probably be picking your brains regarding alternatives...like Virtualbox? Edit: Darn it hazelnut!! There you go again...beating me to the punch!
  4. Yeah...just saw this myself over at the Sandboxie forum. Then came over here to let you guys know about it, but hazelnut beat me to the punch. I copied this from the Invincia article: "Sandboxie fans have no need to be concerned by its new ownership. You’ve been running under the Invincea umbrella for some time now..." I dunno. Maybe it's just been my own bad fortune, but seldom have I had an experience where a "new ownership" situation turns out to be better.
  5. cc1

    Sandboxie update

    Hopefully I'm not repeating a post that has already been made here. In any event, fyi for Sandboxie users, tzuk just released version 4.06. http://www.sandboxie...wnloadSandboxie
  6. cc1

    Sandboxie License

    I just saw that announcement on Sandboxie's web site. I always thought the lifetime license that was good for all computers owned by the license holder was extremely generous and unique given the quality of this product and tzuk's commitment to it. So I guess I can understand the need to down-scale it now to an annual license only. Glad the changes apply only on a going-forward basis and the current liifetime license holders (like me) are unaffected. And the free version is still quite a bargain!
  7. cc1

    Sandboxie 4.02

    Thanks hazelnut. This new version is a major redesign of Sandboxie's architecture. tzuk usually does a great job, but out of an abundance of caution I'm going to wait a few days and monitor their forum to see how 4.02 is working before I install it. For those of you here at Piriform that use Sandboxie and have installed 4.02, I'm curious to find out how it's working for you.
  8. For us Sandboxie users, looks like tzuk is making major changes to it's architecture. http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=14454
  9. Thanks hazelnut. Here's an explanation of the security issue that tzuk apparently has fixed. http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=85905#85905 Pretty much greek to me.
  10. Actually, I like FoxNews and think it's more reliable, fair, and objective than most. Of course, that opinion has nothing to do with the original topic, but since others in this thread opened that door about FoxNews with their comments, I thought it okay to walk through that same door with my opinion.
  11. Remember this thread on election day.
  12. cc1

    Sandboxie 3.66

    Hi everyone. For the Sandboxie users here, it looks like version 3.66 has just been released. http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie
  13. I tried MSE on a friend's old laptop that I reformatted and it bogged it down. With Panda Cloud, the laptop was much snappier.
  14. Sorry for going briefly off-topic. Andavari, I seem to recall seeing a post from you a few months ago (?) stating you were trying out Panda AV Cloud Free. Did you decide you didn't like it? I've been pretty pleased with it thus far.
  15. Thought I'd put closure on this thread by posting that it looks like I had a happy ending. The graphics adapter that I bought from ebay (allegedly brand new) works just fine. I plugged it in and let Windows find the driver. It's been running now for several days; I've had no blank-outs or freezes. Very stable. For $19.20, not a bad deal. Once again, thanks to all for your suggestions and comments. They helped.
  16. Thank you, kroozer. Your post was helpful and prompted me to do some checking around and I found a graphics card on ebay that was pretty cheap. The specs appear to be the same, but the image looks different. The price was low enough where I went ahead and ordered it; if it works out, then great. If not, then it's no big loss.Insofar as inserting it when it arrives, is there anything special I need to do or be mindful of?
  17. I spent several hours over the past weekend stubbornly testing my system and then I had to go out of town yesterday. Anyway, great and helpful suggestions from everyone. I appreciate them. Here's what I've discovered. 1) If I remove my dedicated video card that came with my Lenovo, and rely solely on the integrated card on the motherboard, I have no screen blanking out, no freeze ups, no rebooting. Everything is stable. When I reinsert the video card, the problems randomly resume. I'm no expert at this, but I think it's reasonable to assume the evidence points to my graphic card going bad. (All drivers are updated.) Do you agree? 2) If I unplug my printer's usb and my external drive's usb from my computer and start-up my computer, the start-up time quickens once again to around 53 seconds total. Like it used to be. What's confusing about this is that I've been leaving my printer and external drive plugged into my usb ports for a few years now, so I don't understand why the start-up slowdown with them being plugged in only began a couple of weeks ago. Super Fast, I hope to check out my disk health sometime this week and will let you know. Regarding the video card issue, as I said above I'm now using the integrated one on the motherboard. But the images and graphics are not as good. I tried googling a replacement for the dedicated card, but got no hits. I figured if I could get one that's not too expensive, I wouldn't mind spending a little money to keep this machine chugging a little longer. But I've never replaced a graphics card and if it's not a simple thing to do, then I may say the heck with it. Can anyone tell me how to go about figuring out if there's a replacement card available and how complicated it would be install it? The info on the card I pulled out is: Gigabyte RADEON X600 PRO GV-R38128.
  18. Super Fast, I've got 1 gb of ram on my 6 year old pc. Back in the day, it was pretty slick. My dialup is disabled. Has been for a couple of years. I haven't tried pulling out the dialup card, but will give that a shot. I don't have my system booting from USB media. On my 150 gb hard drive, only 30 gb's are used. I keep everything else on my externals. The mystery is that I've run a lean, clean, mean machine for several years, and up until two weeks or so ago, it has been remarkably consistent at fully booting up in 50 seconds from a cold start and at being very stable. I'm simply at a loss to figure out what has caused the slower booting and the random screen blanks and system freezes. I'm super-careful to do everything sandboxed, from browsing to running all my portable apps. It's definitely a head-scratcher.
  19. Thanks. I might have time tonight to check these out. Hmmm.... A few weeks ago I installed that .net framework 3.0 or 3.5 thing. I held off doing it for a long time because it was monstrous in size, but finally caved in. Truth is, I can't recall if I installed it because I noticed the slow booting - freeze up issue and thought it might help...or if those problems began after the install. Troubleshooting these types of issues ain't easy.
  20. Thanks nodles. I wasn't aware of hardwareheaven. Looks like a good site and I'll be bookmarking that one. Otherwise, I've done everything I'm skilled enough to do, shy of using Clonezilla to restore an image of my system taken a few weeks before these symtpoms started. I've cleaned the inside of my computer, ran multiple scans, updated all drivers and directx, flashed the bios, uninstalled apps, reinstalled apps, ran check disk, etc. Still, my pc continues to pause a while during startup, and the screen occasionally / randomly blanks out and my system freezes up. One thing I discovered is I can induce my screen blanking out and the associated system freeze up by running this game. Everytime I try to play it, my screen blanks out a minute or so into the game and the system freezes up. Otherwise, the blank out and freezing happens randomly (maybe once an hour), even if I'm just looking at something as benign as a Word document. Event Viewer doesn't seem to be much help. Can this be symptomatic of a hardware problem?
  21. Had another freeze up a few minutes ago that required a hard shut down and reboot. There's an error message in Event Viewer > System. The "Source" is ati2mag. The description says "CRT invalid display type".
  22. Well, I've spend the past 3 days spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Kinda frustrating. I've tried it all: AV and antispyware scanning (Nod32 + Malwarebytes). System is clean. Tried System Restore. It used to work, but no longer. Also tried it in safe mode. I keep getting a message stating the restore failed and to try another restore point. Defragging my drive (I do it each week). Registry cleaning (CCleaner's). (Yes, I backup the deleted files.) Updating the drivers. Etc. Etc. I'm starting to think the startup pause issue may be hardware related. My screen randomly blanks out. Once every few hours. No bsod. It just goes blank. Sometimes my system dies with it. Sometimes I still have sound. But my only option then is to do a hard shut down. (This happened once during a System Restore and I'm wondering if something got corrupted and that's why SR fails now. I read that a cure may be to delete all my restore points and start over with them, so that's what I did. We'll see. ) I think my system came with integrated video as well as a separate, dedicated video adapter card. There are two ports on the back, one pertains to the dedicated card, which is the one my monitor uses. The other port (I guess) pertains to the integrated video. I thought a good test would be to plug my monitor into that one and use it for a while. But I tried that this morning and I never got any image to appear. So, I don't know what to make of that. Your thoughts about this being the video card?
  23. Thanks Alan. Looks like I'm doing those (although I don't have any experience recovering any of the images I've made). Using msconfig and services.msc, I've attached pics of the programs running at Startup and listed in Services.
  24. Do you install WU's? Any particular method that mitigates problems? I had been running an older version 3 for about a year. When the boot-up slowness developed a few weeks ago, one of the things I did to try to figure out why was to download (but not install) a newer version of Nod32 and then completely uninstall the current version. I was careful to follow Eset's removal instructions, which included manually deleting some leftover files. Before I installed the newer version, and with no AV on my system, I tried booting to see if it was quicker. It was not. So I think that might rule out Nod32 as the cause of the slowdown. Not a problem. I'm at work, but can do this tonight.
  25. Hi folks. I'd like to pick your brains. Over these past 5 1/2 years years my computer has been fairly consistent taking about 50 seconds to fully boot from a cold start. That includes the time it takes for me to log in with my password at the Welcome screen. Then about three weeks ago it started taking another 20 seconds longer. Now I know in the grand scheme of things, this difference in boot up time is no big deal. And sometime this year I plan on getting a new pc. But I'm obsessive enough to be curious why the sudden change after all these years. The additional 20 seconds seems to occur very early in the boot process. The first image to appear states "ThinkCentre is starting. To interrupt normal process, press Enter". Throughout these years, that screen would show for only a second or so as the boot sequence continued. But now, that screen stays on for about 20 seconds, which seems to account for the overall boot up delay. I've tried the following: Run a check disk, verified (via CCleaner) that my startup programs are still the same (only 4 of them), run PC Doctor (came pre-installed), and verified my bios is updated. Per this post, I had a hardware problem that was resolved. But this boot problem started occurring before I had that hardware issue, so I don't think they're connected. No new software has been installed recently. However, there were some software updates that occurred around that time, including an update to Sandboxie, Nod32, and some Windows updates. But updates like those occur on a fairly frequent basis and they've never caused problems in the past. I'm not as technically skilled as some others are on this forum. But if you have some fairly basic or simple suggestions for me to try to troubleshoot, I'm all for that. (Mods - I'm not sure that this is a software issue, but opted to make this post in this part of the forum. Feel free to move it if you believe it belongs elsewhere.) Thanks * Lenovo A51 8122-55U
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