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  1. there's no tool we have which will get around the fact your keys are lost because a) defrag moved something it should not you don't have your original key disk. There are no back doors - if you had every tool I had, you'd still not be able to get your data back with out the keys. There's nothing I can sell you to get around the fact that a bulletproof security product is doing it's job. The code-of-the-day is not needed to reset someones password, it's needed to run the root disaster recovery kit. Of course, every enterprise customer can get the code from our portal at will, and most get them in blocks in advance. Even though if you had the code, it would not help you because you don't have your key. re your last comment though, you are misinformed - the flack was because another individual user who screwed up his machine in much the same way you did, posted his drive (and key disk) to me via USPS in a brown paper envelope and it arrived physically broken. He was upset at the fact I would not pay for data recovery services. Thus he went on a rant. You can find his entertaining text all over google groups still to this day. I'm sorry you lost your data, but please don't blame me or the product - if you had your key disk you'd be ok and it would be a 10min fix. I think it's unfair to hold me responsible for loosing it. It would be like blaming Ford when your car ran out of gas...
  2. Whoa there Tiger! being toasted or not (I refuse to swear in public) has nothing to do with the purchase - simply, there are two places the keys are stored, one is on the disk protected with your password (and lost now because of the rubbish defrag tool moving things it should not), and one in the recovery pack which the OP has lost. don't chastise me because a security product is doing EXACTLY what it's designed to do - prevent someone who does not have a legal key from getting access to the data. The enterprise tool mentioned replaces the OP's recovery disk - all the recovery data is stored up in a central server. Obviously the "solo" version doenst have this feature, so sure, he can get a copy of the enterprise stuff, but it's not going to help him without his individual key. shame on you sb2k!
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