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  1. I like the new look and only the red, yellow and green is brighter and the rest is pastle. Also the sie of the blocks are much larger. I ran it on two different drives.(C:) Hard Drive and (B:) Flash Drive, This is the results I got:[NTFS] lists Capacity: 74.5 GB, Used: 8.0 GB and Free: 66.5 GB (80GB) The other was a FAT32 and took a lot longer to finish. Results: Capacity: 7.6GB [8GB], Used: 1.3GB & Free: 6.3GB. Had not done this is some time and many programs were changed so it took a lot longer and had 23% not defragged. It was really an amazing piece of Defraggler and better than all previous versions. I will use it until you are longer a Beta. Darrell2
  2. Just installed it from filehippo.com
  3. I have downloaded it 8 times, used that code in start to run and reads [A] floppy, zip drive and no C! backed it backed up to 1.02. Deleting 1.03. I have downloaded from filehippo (2), from piriform (3), once from www.download.com. (2) of that run to no avail, I had A drive only, then I had B (zip drive) and no C. Darrell
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