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  1. When the changelog for Speccy 1.11.256 talks about fixing the accuracy of virtual memory calculation, was that referring to this problem? If so... well, Speccy is now giving me 8 TB instead of 7.99 TB for my virtual memory. My latest publish is at http://speccy.piriform.com/results/MoPXblfMZKyd26sLT5J8lN5.
  2. I'm having this problem still as well (I had mentioned it before in the thread about excessive memory usage in 1.08.218, only because I had wondered if the two issues were related - since the memory usage issue seems to be fixed now in 1.09.231, it looks like they are separate issues). My Speccy publish is at http://speccy.piriform.com/results/c2xdURkyY1cXvvZOA9n9zmp. Unless there's something I'm completely missing, there's no way I can have TB of virtual memory with my hardware (or maybe my computer is truly blessed).
  3. I wonder if this somehow ties into the odd Speccy and memory issue I noticed. When looking at my RAM info in Speccy, under Physical Memory, it claims I have 7.99 TB of both total and available virtual memory. I find this very odd, as AFAIK there's no way that's possible with 4 GB of RAM and a 750 GB hard drive. I did notice Speccy's memory usage jumping up as well. I'm running Speccy 1.08.218 on Win 7 Home Premium x64 with all updates installed.
  4. arejfour, what version of Firefox are you using? I've been having a similar problem since I updated from 3.0 to Shiretoko/3.5 (I run nightlies, so now I'm on 3.5.1pre, but this started with 3.5pre) - if I run CCleaner with all Firefox options except for Saved Form Information checked, I lose my smart location bar/Awesomebar frecencies. For example, I used to get planet.mozilla.org to pop up first in my Awesomebar results when I typed in "pla", as I visit that site at least once a day, but now after CCleaner runs (and it runs on reboot), it ends up in the middle of results list, and doesn't even come up until I type in "plan". The same settings in CCleaner don't seem to affect my Minefield 3.6a1pre installation/profile, and I have the same exact settings for Clear Recent History set in both profiles. I had Firefox set to Clear Recent History on exit, and I was clearing pretty much everything before and after upgrading. After some testing, I found that if I also uncheck Internet History in CCleaner, my Awesomebar frecencies are saved. This might fix your problem also, for now. If it does, then there's a bug somewhere between the two programs, I guess.
  5. I registered just to do this, since this was driving me nuts when I upgraded to 1.03.093 today. 1.02 does detect C: and J: (two partitions from the same internal hard drive), as well as A:, E:-H: (USB card reader slots), and, if I have my flash drive or my MP3 player connected, M:. 1.03 is just detecting A:, C:, and E:. I'm going back to 1.02 for now, since I do like to defrag my second partition. defraggler.exe._1_3_93__2008_10_03_21_40_.txt defraggler.exe._1_3_93__2008_10_03_21_40_.txt
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