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  1. The hibernation file "hiberfil.sys" like "pagefile.sys" should be marked with different colour from blue.
  2. Also for me , compared to 1.02 , v1.03 is slow. Heatsink inside my laptop (xpsp3 intel centrino 1.8ghz 2gb-ram) goes like a boeing 777! :-) But data on my disks was never going losed also on the workstation (vista x64 i8500 4gb-ram sata raid0) where the speed difference is not so high. But always data at the end of disk and free spaces inside data.
  3. Only one half-hour of work and only for fun Yes I know, these two sentences are "horrible" but automatically-electronically translated (only a look after translation) But i noticed that some red-ink was gone over the G of legenda(latin)=leGGenda(italian). Believe in me friend leGGenda (http://www.dizionario-italiano.it) (just kidding )
  4. Hello, here I've translated defraggler 1.03 to the italian language: in attachment the dll and the resource strings Have a good day Massimiliano Defraggler_ITA.zip Defraggler_ITA.zip
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