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  1. Yes, I have restored twice, but neither helped. Still get the dialog/error boxes even though I went back 10 days the second restore (had to update everything again). I'll check out the Win Installer. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. Thanks to all for the solutions. My bride and I have torn this house apart, but I still can't seem to locate my Backup Dell installed programs disk. Any ideas how I could get rid of this repeating dialog box and error 1706 without it? I tried going back to Dell, but got only offshore tech support who didn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about and transferred me to another que so I would give up in frustration, which I did. I do not have MS Office installed and have no idea what I did to get this started. I'm a newbie in this forum, but I've been around Windows and computers for many years. Somehow, this one got by me. Thanks again for everyone's advice and support. I appreciate it. If I ever get this solved, I'll post my solution.
  3. Operating system is Windows XP (home). Dell P4, 1.6g, 512 ram How do you do a screen shot? I am using Firefox 1.05, Zone Alarm (free edition), AdAware, Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster, Spyware Guard, D-Link router. Keep all up to date. Never a problem in close to four years until I installed CC Cleaner a couple of days ago. Then I started getting the following dialog box on boot up or on starting Spyware Blaster to check for updates: "BACKUP DELL-INSTALLED PROGRAMS The feature you are trying to use is on a cd-rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the "Backup Dell-installed programs" disk and click ok. Use source 1" When I try to cancel or X out of this dialog box I get "Error 1706, No valid source could be found for product backup Dell-installed programs. The Windows Installer cannot continue." It repeats 3 or 4 times before Cancel/X out finally gets it to goes away. I am not trying to install anything and don't need Windows Installer. CC Cleaner works fine. I haven't been able to locate my Backup Dell-installed programs disk yet, but doubt it would do any good. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. I installed CC Cleaner after seeing a favorable reference to it on another forum. Now every time I start my computer or activate Spyware Blaster to check for updates, I get a dialog box that tells me the feature I am trying to use is on a cd-rom (it isn't) and I need to insert the "Backup Dell-installed programs" disk and click ok (I don't). When I try to cancel or X out of this dialog box, it just loops through the same dialog box several times. Takes 3 or 4 times of canceling/Xing out to get it to go away. I have tried deleting CC Cleaner, restoring to two different prior dates, re-installing CC Cleaner--nothing works. Everything worked just fine for a long time until I installed CC Cleaner. When will I learn? Anyone have a idea how I can get this dialog box to go away permanently?
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