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  1. I have vista and i am very happy with it alot faster than previous versions and more stable
  2. Doe Ray Me

    Windows Vista

    I have windows vista. everything works great, for drivers for my nVidia 7900 GS graphics card off Windows Update Only thing that dont work is my new Epson DX5000 All-In-One Also with all the intensive graphics, the computer loads quicker, boots up quicker, programs load quicker, its amazing EDIT: look here http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=SL6JFW7QYCWS4WMJ
  3. anyone tried it, is it good? http://www.pctools.com/free-antivirus/ i currently have AOL Active Virus Shield
  4. i have built-in bluetooth and webcam "HP Pavillion dv2175ea Notebook" they both have icons that start-up when the computer does, are they needed, they are in the start-up folder of the start menu, so i could delete them from there, right?
  5. just over ?900 ($1764) after VAT and shipping, with ?75 off limited time offer
  6. I just bought an Alienware Aurora? 3500 cant wait for it to be delivered, anyone got any experience with Alienware computers?
  7. ^^ Thats what i meant, kinda
  8. Hey I have noticed in my C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder, i have 156MB of what seem to be downloaded hotfixes from WindowsUpdate Is this safe to delete?
  9. As far as i know, It finds File Extentions you dont use, meaning, you dont go and open the file yourself, so they dont get used, only used as definitions Maybe wrong though
  10. Doe Ray Me

    Long live DJ

    Damn, thats really sad, i liked reading his support posts
  11. Microsoft Anti-Spyware, picks up more spyware than Spybot and removes it quickly aswell
  12. Strangely, you can actually install and uninstall this IE7, like it was a hotfix I have tried it, takes abit of getting use to.
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