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  1. In the German translation of the menu is a little error. The menu for "File, Close" (German: Datei, Beenden) there is written "%Beenden% instead of "&Beenden" (B for the acceleration key).
  2. Yes? Tell me at least one! I suggest, to make that optional and turn the option off by default.
  3. Hello! What do you think to add a commandline-option to run also the registry-cleaner at startup (by default off)? The next thing is, that everytime I clean the registry, I must make the same steps many times, until all registry-errors are solved (Scan for issues, Fix selected issues, Fix all selected issues). At example: After the first run of the regcleaner, it found 733 errors. After the second run, it found 22 errors. After the third 1 error, and after the fourth 0 errors. My suggestion is: An option, the make all this automatically. Scan, Fix, Scan again... until no more errors are found. To prevent an infinite loop, the number of found errors between one and the next scan should be decreasing. PS: It would also be standard-compliant, if CCleaner shows all commandline-optioins, if ccleaner.exe is run with "/?".
  4. What do you think about to add these Features: - Delete Empty folders - Delete 0-byte-files - Delete orphaned lnk-files - Delete invalid files and folders With "invalid files and folders", I mean the problem, that occurs with robocopy, if you try to copy your userprofile and forgot to exclude Junctions with /XJ, at example: robocopy C:\Users\Username X:\BackupDrive /e It is also discussed here: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-file-managem...opy-broken.html http://ask-leo.com/why_cant_i_delete_this_file.html
  5. If I place a file with the ending *.url in the Autostart-Folder, this is not shown in the autostart-list of CCleaner.
  6. I found the source of this error. I tried Defraggler on many machines and on everyone the same error. Also on several complete new installed virtual Machines for testing purposes. But after I disabled networking, the error was gone (only a messagebox, that there's no internet connection was appearing). Our Internet-connection goes over a proxy. In the control panel under Internet options is a proxy configured with the port 3128. Back on my own machine, I opened the registry and created the key "UpdateCheck" (dword) with value 0 at HKCU\Software\Piriform\Defraggler. Now it was possible to run Defraggler. Maybe you can check the proxy-settings of IE and use that given proxy. The strange thing is, that I have also CCleaner installed and there it is no problem with the checking for updates (I don't know if checking works, because I have the most recent version installed, but there appears no error).
  7. Immediatley after opening Defraggler 1.14 there appears the following error: unknown software exception (0xc000000d) at 0x004c7fcd I have Windows XP SP3 german, Pentium Dual E2220, 2,4 GHz, 2 GB Ram.
  8. It would be great, to have MSI-Installer-Files for all Piriform-products, especially CCleaner and Defraggler. I use these wonderful programs all over my network with > 50 computers, but it's annoying to install them and also upgrade them manually. The first rollout I did with PSEXEC, but the problem was, that I must give PSEXEC an admin-account. So the Piriform-products were installed with the admin-account and Icons in the Programs-Folder were missing for the user, because they are installed in the %USERPROFILE%-Folder, but not in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%-Folder. Also, the standard-language was english, not german, like all our Windows-Systems. So it would be greate to have an MSI-Version of all products.
  9. That's not a good idea, because it's hard to find duplicates. First, on what basis you want to find them? filename, file-content, both? And from where the software should know if the file is necessary for the system? Scan the windows-folder for duplicates and you will find much of them. But I never would delete one of them. I use a dup-finder especially for pictures (jpg) and movies, sometime office-documents, but nothing else. A dup-finder has nothing to do with CCleaner, so let this task to other programs. I suggest AllDup (www.alldup.de). It's free and available in german (and I think also in english).
  10. That would be a great Feature. I want this too!
  11. It would be great, if you release CCleaner as MSI-Package (Windows Installer). With a MSI, it's very easy to roll out a big number of clients. What do you think about this?
  12. It would be great, if you release Defraggler (and of course CClenaer) as Windows-Installer-Package (MSI). With an MSI it's much more easier to deploy it to all my clients in my Active Directory (about 60 clients).
  13. I was on translate.piriform.com, but how can I create an account to login?
  14. It would be great to have an option for df.exe to create a task. And another option to create a task not only for a specified date/time, but also for "computer is idle" (Windows taskplanner has such an option).
  15. If I want to plan a task with the following options: This error-message appears: And it looks like this in "Planned Tasks": <ungeplanter Task> means <unplanned Task> My system is Win XP Professional SP3 german.
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