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  1. I usually install only Microsoft software and few non-Microsoft system utility packages under the classical C:\Programs\... location. All other software goes to D:\, while other drives are for project or user data. If data to be cleaned is located in run-time directories of software, CCleaner will only find it if it's the %programfiles% standard location, although the installation entry in the registry clearly says where the software is installed. It my be useful to introduce another %...% variable in CCleaner winapp/winapp2.ini files to refer to the respective entry's installation directo
  2. As you can see in the message from AVG, this detection was not an exact one but only by heuristics... heuristics are not precise and may yield false positives. --panoramacat.
  3. Not much of a feedback. Am I the only one who wants to clean out places.sqlite in a more extensive way? --panoramacat.
  4. I talk about Firefox 3 for the mentioned reason. So, what can we do short of running some extra sqlite scripts to clean out stuff whenever CCleaner runs? --p.
  5. Cleaning additional files in Firefox profiles is only possible by entering the exact file names and paths in the custom file/directory cleaning section of CCleaner as the actual paths require some magic. The present .ini files use magic keys referring to some internal definition of what to clean out. How about adding some pseudo-environment variable %firefoxprofile% to the configuration, so at least the Firefox profile of the current user can be cleaned in a more standard fashion? Maybe there's even a way to add cleaning for all users this way. Why would I want that feature? Well, some
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