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  1. I know the feeling. Details are in my other thread. I re-installed v1.02 and evertyhing seems to be fine. I will wait until v1.03 gets fixed before I re-install it again.
  2. Debugger log is as follows: [2008-10-03] [15:09:54.037] 00d94 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogApplicationInfo#615 C:\Program Files\Defraggler\defraggler.exe[2008-10-03] [15:09:54.037] 00d94 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogApplicationInfo#617 CmdLine: "C:\Program Files\Defraggler\defraggler.exe" /debug[2008-10-03] [15:09:54.037] 00d94 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogApplicationInfo#621 Version: 1_3_93[2008-10-03] [15:09:54.037] 00d94 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogApplicationInfo#647 FileVersion:[2008-10-03] [15:09:54.037] 00d94 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogApplicationInfo#648 ProductVersion:[2008-10
  3. I would do that if I knew how. I tried to run defragler.exe/debug and all it did was launch Defragler and check for updates. I can post photos of screen shots of the application showing only A & C drives and My Computer showing A, C, E, and I (External Seagate HD).
  4. To clarify - I have XP SP3 and the latest version only recognizes A (floppy) D (CD RW) and C drives. It does not recognize E (internal) or USB external drives.
  5. I downloaded and installed the new version 1.03.093 today and it does not recognize any drive but the C drive and the floppy drive. I have 2 more drives that it does not show in the drive display area. The previous version did recognize the other drives. Is this a normal function of the latest version? If so, what would be the problem with re-installing the first version? Are there any features in the new version that I would be missing? Thanks.
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