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  1. Alan B: Thanks for your very detailed outline of continue testing that needs to be done in order to determine the problem. Unfortunately I only work a few hours each day for the department that has the issue and I have a very long 'to do' list. Thus troubleshooting this particular issue in depth as it requires to resolve it just isn't feasible right now. With that said it's at the bottom of my low priority issue list though and if I ever get time to pursue it further I will follow what you posted and report back with my findings. At this point the department will have to just discontinue use of C Cleaner or have to re-install screwdrivers after it is run each time. I agree that my post should have been made elsewhere as you suggested. However, seeing how it has been posted about by someone else with exactly the same problem I figured it would be better to keep it in topic and post it on the same thread. I'm going to notify the makers of screwdrivers so they are aware of the problem and hopefully they will log the hours to trouble shoot it further (I doubt it though). Thanks for your input everyone, C Cleaner is great program and I recommend it (even though it has a problem with ScrewDrivers).
  2. Thanks for the reply Jamin4u. Indeed it doesn't need to checked to conduct an exclude. I don't recall the guide saying it but then again I read it thoroughly over a year ago. I do recall that it needs to be checked for an include which is logical if you are doing any kind of custom include to remove files specific to the system. With that said however, for the purposes it is being used where I am having the issue there isn't any including being done. I never have even had a need for conducting an exclude until this little problem raised it's ugly head. Hopefully Negal can review what I posted for him and tell me if he thinks my suggestion just might resolve it.
  3. Further Testing Information Utilizing RegShot Important Note: I only ran the the cleaner function NOT the registry function! I took a registry shot of my system before screwdrivers was installed (for the very first time) and then a shot after it was installed and the compare output is listed in the zip file attached in the text file named : Registry Changes Made When You Install Screwdrivers.txt After that I ran C Cleaner but it was the first time being ran on the system so it found a gigs worth of stuff which it removed. I did confirm it listed the files I previous mentioned before in the deletion list which are listed below: Files: C:\Documents and Settings\marke\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache\bcache22.bmc 20.0MB C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\Logs\*.log The change log between the registry shots was to big due to massive amount of stuff it removed so I repeated the process to get a smaller difference output. I then reinstalled screwdrivers and took a registry shot again. Then I ran the cleaner function again (Note: It didn't list the same files I mentioned above though). Then I took another RegShot immediately after it which compare output is listed in the zip file attached in the text file named: Difference of registry after c cleaner has been installed and the cleaner function was ran.txt Upon a quick review of the changes made after C Cleaner's Clean function was ran it confirms it is deleting values/keys in the registry specific to TSC Keys: HKU\S-1-5-21-2279319253-3448354111-12331638-7142\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default HKU\S-1-5-21-2279319253-3448354111-12331638-7142\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default\Addins HKU\S-1-5-21-2279319253-3448354111-12331638-7142\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default\Addins\SDFXP Values: HKU\S-1-5-21-2279319253-3448354111-12331638-7142\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default\Addins\SDFXP\Name: "sdrdp5.dll" HKU\S-1-5-21-2279319253-3448354111-12331638-7142\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default\Addins\SDFXP\REMOTECONTROLPERSISTENT: 0x00000000 I have attached the two files mentioned above in a zip file for you to review Nergal. Exclusion of the folder "Microsoft\Terminal Server Client" in prior testing didn't keep it from breaking ScrewDrivers. It just kept it from reporting the files listed above as marked for deletion. I wonder if I do a registry HKU exclude for 'HKU\S-1-5-21-2279319253-3448354111-12331638-7142\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client' if it won't break Screwdrivers anymore. I wish I could test it on this machine right now to find out but I can't (ugh!) C_Cleaner_ScrewDrivers_Conflict.zip C_Cleaner_ScrewDrivers_Conflict.zip
  4. Thanks for the reply Fellas :-) Jamin4U: The default configuration from install is being used so the Advanced option is not checked. I reviewed ccleanerbeginnersguide.com when I first started using C Cleaner over a year ago, thanks for the link anyways. As I mentioned previously in troubleshooting this issue I have tried excluding files and folder based on what C Cleaner reports after doing a cleaning and then re-installing ScrewDrivers but that still doesn't remedy the problem. Nergal: I'm positive that the cleaner function is what is causing the issue. I'm the only one who runs the registry function which is done once a month as I'm the only one with enough knowledge to determine what it lists. Registry clean I'm sure also would mess up screwdrivers but I haven't figured out how to get the Cleaner function from doing it yet to start looking into it. I haven't been able to determine the files it is deleting that kills ScrewDrivers. The only two that the Cleaner function reports which it wants to remove after reinstalling is the two I already mentioned above. It's got to be removing additional files which is doesn't list because if you don't run it then screwdrivers works flawlessly. This issue lies on the departments workstations and only effects the users who use RDC to connect to a remote secure server to input data. I don't have a working test station to trouble shoot this issue. I'll schedule a time with one of the users and run regshot before the Cleaner function is ran (with Screwdrivers working) and then I'll do another snapshot and then post what it reports. I'm not sure this will tell me anything though unless the Cleaner function actually does some behind the scenes deletion of files and registry (which has to be what is happening).
  5. We are having the same issue that sev reported back in 07/2007 with C Cleaner removing files needed by the program screwdriversV4 that have to do with Terminal Services. It took almost a month to figure out that it was indeed C Cleaner that was causing the issue. It's the Cleaner function that does it. It will do it even though it reports that it has no files to remove (which was determined after very specific testing). Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP3 C Cleaner Version: Latest Version (to include all previous version for the last year) Screwdrivers Version: - (to include Screwdrivers versions 2+) Screwdrivers - Data Sheet The issue occurs every time C Cleaner is ran and requires the user to re-install Screwdrivers to put back the needed Terminal Services files it needs to function. The issue doesn't effect multiple user accounts on the system, just the account that ran it. In example, if one user runs it under their log (admin) in but other users do not (joe,mark, mary, susan) they don't experience the problem. In our specific case all the users have administrative rights on the workstations and are members of domain on a windows 2003 RC2 server. Testing of the issue has shown the following: That C Cleaner if ran removes everything like it should and then lists nothing to delete because it was just run. Then if ScrewDrivers is immediately reinstalled and then cleaner function to scan is done it then notes several file entries [X:\Documents and Settings\userName\Local Settings\Application data\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache\bchache22.bmc & X:\Windows/system32/wbem/*.log] Then if you setup exclusions for the "Terminal Server Client" & "wbem" folders so it doesn't dlete them it doesn't show in the list anymore (as it's suppose to) However, then if you go ahead and run the cleaner function (even though it shows it has nothing to delete) it then still removes unknown files needed by ScrewDrivers to function properly. I have tried excluding certain things that options are given for to see if they make a difference but it never does (you always have to reinstall ScrewDrivers). C Cleaner is a great program and I would really like to be able to continue to use it on our work stations. With that said however, we can't if it continues to remove files needed by other programs on the system. If anyone can tell a way to keep C Cleaner from deleting TSC specific files or a way to change the options to make it stop it would be greatly appreciated!
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