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  1. If you can remember, what did you install before this started happening ? Whatever it was, dont trust the company who created its installer ever again. Browser hijacks are an old and unwelcome trick. Installers from less reputable companies do such things like browser hijacks, pups (probably unwanted programs) and adware. Sometimes they will have a custom button in the installer which will then let you see all the extra stuff the installer will do, and because most people just click next, everything gets installed because you allowed it to happen. Then there are some which just brazenly d
  2. +1 Avast has ruined what used to be an old favourite, trusted and reliable tool. (sorry weeder, no competition software allowed to be named)
  3. Its still doing it even today
  4. Are you guys aware of Comodo Dragon Its another Chromium fork, and similar to SRWare Iron in its purpose ( Security and Privacy, stripping out google ) It already has its own clean out options in advanced settings, and I dont know if CCleaner would be able to do anything additionally, but just thought it worth a note here.
  5. Thank you, and also to the participants in the link - Noted bugfix en-route
  6. Hi guys, ref SRWare Iron 9.0.600.1 I have posted this problem in the WinApp2.ini thread before now but no-one has replied the problem apart from telling me the latest version of CCleaner now supports SRWare Iron. It Clearly does not I do not have Google Chrome installed. And after every cleanout CCleaner is not picking up anything from SRWare Iron. SRWare Iron is the Installer version (as opposed to the portable version), which has installed consistently to the same default location for quite a few versions now. I have reverted on a few occasions to not using the winapp2.in
  7. Aah, I see my bad, thank you. Edit: Erm, just checked, Version 3.02.1343 CCleaner, downloaded a fresh version of the latest winapp2.ini linked in the OP (without any meddling by myself) - CCleaner is not listing Microsoft Silverlight for cleanout anywhere OS = Win 7 x 32
  8. Winapp2.ini - Didn't CCleaner used to recognise if a user has Microsoft Silverlight installed? (well, I say if, more like who hasn't the way MS force feed it via windows update) Just tried the current version of CCleaner with your most up to date ini and nothing seems to come up on any lists. Anyway, if not, I believe the following could be added [silverlight] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Silverlight Default=True FileKey1=%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight|*.*|RECURSE For cleaning out MS LSOs (Local Shared Objects), similar to Adobe's
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