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  1. I shut down Avira to test C Cleaner's load up time. No good. It still took nearly 70 seconds to initialize.
  2. Hazelnut, yes I have auto check for updates but I know that's not the prob. I've always had that checked and it never loaded up THIS slow.
  3. Don't fret. I'll just be doing it as a test to see if it's the culprit. I can live with the situation as long as I know why it happens. As far as Yokenny's questions? IE7, SP3, 1 gig RAM, CPU usage (unsure as how to determine?) Aside from this I'm not stopping programs "caput" prior to using c cleaner. I'm not using it anydifferently now than when I did prior to getting the last few new updated versions. It just stated to behave this way suddenly. BTD
  4. Thanx Davey and Yokenny for your reply. You made me think back....I did change from AVG antivirus to Avira. That could be the culprit. Other than that change I'm not having any other probs with my pc, i.e. browswer, etc. I'll shut down Avira on my next c cleaner use and see if that makes a difference.
  5. For some reason my last 2 versions have been very slow to open/initialize. It generally takes more than 60 sexonds to open. Once opened up, it works fine. What's wrong??
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