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  1. Problem solved. I installed Edge Chromium 86.0. CCleaner is auto cleaning it. Thank you!
  2. Yes, internet history isticked for Edge. To be honest I don't know the difference between Edge Legacy and Chromium. This is the Edge that is automatically installed with the system. I bought I new Windows licence, downloaded Windows iso from Microsoft this weekend and intalled it.
  3. Hi! My CCleaner 5.72.7994 is not auto cleaning Microsoft Edge history. All browsers are set to "Automatically clean on closing without notification". Edge is not being cleaned. Microsoft Edge 44.19041.423.0
  4. It happens in IExplorer, Edge, Chrome and Opera. http://i.imgur.com/XCoWCyW.png
  5. Hi! Why do browsers remember my Gmail username? If CCleaner is set to "monitor and automatically clean on closing" it shouldn't happen, right?
  6. Hi! Even if I close Opera via task manager, CCleaner refuses to analyze/clean. I use Opera 46.0.2597.26.
  7. Hi! CCleaner hasn't been monitoring/cleaning my Opera history since yesterday at 8:42 am. I accessed the same sites with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. All cleaned. My Opera is up to date: Version: 43.0.2442.1144 / Win 64-bit.
  8. I don't think so. At least it didn't use to happen before. This behavior started three days ago. CCleaner always ran at startup, cleaned what had to be cleaned and continued monitoring from the system tray.
  9. Hi! CCleaner runs when the computer starts, but it closes after cleaning, although it's set not to. How to solve that?
  10. Now I know what's causing the error. It's CCleaner and Firefox running at the same time. I've been using Avant Browser for years. It's always been based on IExplorer, but now Avant Browser also includes Firefox and Chrome rendering engines. Firefox and Chrome must be closed when you run CCleanear. CCleanear asks me if I want to close Chrome before continuing, but for some reason it doesn't do the same with Firefox .
  11. I disabled GData and it worked. I enabled GData again, removed CCleaner 17.1689 and reinstalled version 16.1666, but the error persists. That's strange. I've been using GData for two years and I never had to configure it to accept CCleaner... and the folders/files I set to be cleaned/excluded are the same I've been cleaning since forever. I have another PC with GData and CCleaner is set to clean the same folders and it works fine. I think that's not the problem, because when I reinstalled version 16.1666 I didn't set any folders to be cleaned and I got the error.
  12. I use GData Internet Security 2012. There's no error message during the auto cleaning at Windows logon. The registry cleaning is OK too. The problem is only when I try to do a "normal" cleaning. I was on I trip, so I don't know exactly when it started, but I'm sure it was already happening in build 1688.
  13. CCleaner is not performing the manual cleaning anymore. Every time I try it, I get this error message.
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