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  1. Do you mean "partition, volume or disk" defragmentation? It this case, it is best practice to remove the files from the system BEFORE a defragmentation. Thanks to all for your answers. It was probably a conjunction between a temporary slow connection and the reconstruction of the index.dat in IE? Problem seems solved at this day, although browsing a similar web content is still a bit slower using Firefox than IE. I'd like to know from the readers of this thread if, in a way or another (that can be a fact or a simple impression), they have experienced some slowness loading web page
  2. Not a confusion, just a compliment. So no pointer (link) to re-direct to another question asked elsewhere on the forum?
  3. Hi, here I come again... I have a new question. After running CCleaner, it appears that my browsing experience is VERY slow (using both IE 8 beta 2 & FF3). I'd like to know if any of you has experienced a slow browsing experience after using CCleaner (deleting the index.dat file) or not? According to my knowledge, the index.dat files is in no way connected to a browser's cache, but just a hidden directory, hence its deletion should not affect the browsing speed. Thanks
  4. Hi davey, I agree with you. If the author of this post is only looking for a safe way to "defrag" his registry (for what is worth); here is a reliable (and safe) link to do so. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/
  5. Ron, It seems like you are a designated Moderator on the forum. Best regards, Mark
  6. Thread temporarily suspended. Thanks to all here! YoKenny general advice are nice, but I don't have much time to edit a host file, and it's out topic anyway. It was a serious matter to rule out a similar case on someone else's machine. Disk4mat did answer my question, as others after him The first step to troubleshoot my system was then to remove CCleaner and to re-install it. It seems to work fine now. In the first installation, the cookies were removed from the system, only the list was remaining in the CCleaner window, hence, the browser was probably not the direct cause. Ne
  7. Hi Disk4mat, Thanks for the answer. That's what I was expecting too. But it does not, and yes, of course, cookies are selected in the main windows. Well, I am on IE 8 Beta 2. However I don't think it is related? Anyone here using CCleaner with IE 8 Beta 2? At least I can rule out an app bug . Maybe a possible incompatiblity with this beta browser? Thanks for your future answers.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a privacy concern to clear up, before to report this post to the bug thread: Is there an option to clear the list of Cookies to Delete in the CCleaner windows: Options > Cookies > "Cookies to Delete"? After using CCleaner, the list of the Cookies to Delete remains in the app window. (But yes, they have been cleared from the system, no need to ask). Here's a print screen to illustrate my question (click on the thumbnail for a full size picture): Thanks for the feedback
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