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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, hazelnut. I've just run an analysis in safe mode, but, alas, with the same outcome: the scan stops (stalls/completes?), both the 'Analyze' and 'Run Cleaner' buttons become available, and no scan results are displayed. Thanks again. I'll give both of the above a try and report back on developments. Incidentally, I was advised that a newer version of CCleaner was available when I started it up today, so I d/led and installed it before I tried yet another scan, but it hasn't resolved the problem. Would installing an older version of the software perhaps cure the problem? Was CCleaner around at the time of ME's release (you know, back when dinosaurs were roaming the planet *grins and rolls eyes at my archaic technology*)? Many thanks, davey. I'm a bit hesitant to tinker, perhaps unnecessarily, with an otherwise fully functioning set-up so I'll try the simpler options first and if that doesn't solve the issue, I'll give reinstalling Visual C++ a go. Thanks again to everyone who's offered advice. It's much appreciated.
  2. Many thanks for the welcome and the advice, Jamin4u. Much appreciated. I've tried unchecking the Flash Player option and then running CCleaner, but the same thing happens as before; the analysis completes (presumably. I've no way of telling other than that both the 'analyze' and 'run cleaner' buttons become available) but produces no analysis results. I've also tried running an analysis with the whole multimedia section unchecked, and finally with all the applications unchecked, and still no analysis results are displayed at the end of the scan. The only way I can make CCleaner list its analysis results is to cancel the analysis part way through, which while proving it is capable of listing the results, obviously isn't very practical in terms of cleaning the junk off my drive. So I'm still stumped... *scratches head* Btw, before I started this thread I performed a search of the forum and checked back through the first few pages of the index to see if anyone else had had similar problems but didn't manage to find anything. Does this situation sound unique to regular posters or is it a common problem with older operating systems?
  3. Hi all. I've installed the latest version of CCleaner, but when I run the Cleaner utility the analysis stalls every time, and no 'files to be deleted' results are displayed. Last time I ran the scan I noticed that the cleaning analysis stalled when it got to the Multimedia/Flash Player file section of the scan. I'm running Windows ME with a Pentium III processsor and 512 MB RAM, with about 8% free hard drive space (which is why I need CCleaner). I recently installed the same version of CCleaner on two PCs at work, which run XP SP3 and the cleaner utility works fine on both of them. Any idea what, if anything, I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. honeythief
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