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  1. I tried drivermax too, but unless you buy it it only downloads one driver per day. lame
  2. Sure Dennis np! I ended up trying it out with my Vista machine and it seemed to work well, found an update for my sound card that seems to have enabled the mic port that wasn't working before.
  3. Just noticed this free driver updater, anyone know anything about it? Is it any good?
  4. Thanks Andavari! Congrats on a great set of apps, we recommend them to all of our clients and use them every day. The guy who built the U3 package factory app at eure.ca is actually a good friend of mine, and gave me a special version of the packager that gets around some of the nigglies in packaging for .u3p. I did up Recuva and Defraggler as well, added them to that same page. I'm also a closet mac user at home, and used Virtualbox from Sun to zip it up, guess it added some extra meta. All fixed now!
  5. Hi Folks, Found U3 USB Drive packaged versions Recuva and Defraggler, both of which look like they work great. I'm loving using this on multiple computers from the U3 drive, hats off to the developers for making a really clean set of apps!
  6. I just wrapped up the latest 2.11 version for U3,
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