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  1. No I have never tried downloading the slim build. My CC Cleaner is on my desktop but when I click on it and it asks to download latest version that is where I get into trouble.
  2. Thought I had a handle on this and some great suggestions from everyone here and it was working..... up until this time But when I tried to update to the latest version of CCleaner the change does not take and it stays on the original version. This is what is happening. I download from FileHippo I have Vista go to this website: http://www.CCleaner.com/download/builds -- download latest version, click on latest version Green Arrow box comes up Click Save File, bar goes across looking like it is downloading and then stops says it is updated and I go back to CCleaner newest version -
  3. I have not had any problems up until now updating the latest version of C Cleaner (211.636) When I try and update there are two choices 1) Download From file Hippo.com or 2) Alternative Download.....When I click on the first one i do not see a tab to download, alot of it is advertising and people trying to take your money, I usually have been luck with Alternative Download But this did not work, it would download the new updates but when i restart my computer it is still on the old version can anyone help me with this, i have VISTA on my system if that makes any difference. [
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