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  1. Dear Sir, I know that there are a lot of switchers from Windows to Mac O.S that are used to work with Ccleaner to keep our sistem Windows clean. Even Mac users says that the S.O. is good enough to have it clean os uselees files, I am nos so sure. Searching on the net there are a lot of forums asking for a Mac Ccleaner or similar, but the answer is besides Onix, there are no other program. Maybe you can offer Mac progremmers to join your team and start working in that project. Most of us will than you for that.
  2. Dear CCleaner Programmers. The new Google Chrome browser is available, and it seems that it will b a very powerfull browser. I suggest that you can develope your program to be able to clean temporary files, URL history, cookies, download history... that this new program saves in our disks, as it is done with Explorer, Firefox or Opera. In other hand I find something missing in your program: an option to completely remove data from disk. Not onlythe data itself, but the record at the FAT so that files could not be recovered at all. Ihope that those suggestions will make your program more complete.
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