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  1. I had CCleaner set to keep my Times Crossword club cookies which contain saved crosswords. This has been working fine up to the last week. Suddenly for no reason the cookie was removed when I use CCleaner. It now deletes all cookies. I tried unchecking Firefox cookies but this is ignored and all Firefox cookies are removed. I keep both CCleaner and Firefox 3 completely up to date and both have been recently updated. I updated CCleaner today and it was happening prior to this.


    I did notice something strange before this happened. Several times when I went into Firefox a large number of cookies were present even though I had just used CCleaner so it appears that it wasn't deleting any cookies at all.

  2. The latest update allows you to see inside mounted drives but they are still not listed as separate drives on the drive list. I tried defragging mounted drives by using the defrag folder option but this does not work. You can defrag folders within mounted drives but not the drive itself. For example I cannot defrag my mounted drive D:\words but I can defrag the folder D:\words\lists within the mounted drive

  3. I have the same problem. I have 5 drives mounted to 5 empty directories on my D drive. Defraggler does not see any of these. It simply sees 5 empty folders on the D drive which are by definition free of fragmentation. Your C:\Programs is simply an empty directory or folder and your mounted drive does not exist. If you have free drive letters (I don't as I use them as virtual drives loaded with virtual CDs) you can leave it mounted at C:\Programs whilst simultaneously allowing it a drive letter (H say) and Defraggler will see it as the H drive and defragment it as a separate drive. This will fix you until Defraggler is fixed.


    Microsoft in its description of mounted drives gives an example where a CD/DVD drive is mounted. Unfortunately if you do this I found that Autorun won't work and there are other problems with CD/DVD recognition so I went back to drive letters.

  4. I have 5 drives totaling 200GB mounted on my D drive. It would help if CCleaner could clean these drives. I have already posted that Defraggler doesn't defrag these drives. I suspect that Recuva also will not be able to recover files deleted on these drives.

  5. I have a C drive (~80GB) and a D drive (1.5GB) on one HDD formatted with NTFS. On a second larger HDD formatted as FAT32 I have an E drive (4GB used for the paging file) and five partitions totalling ~200GB are mounted on 5 empty directories in the D drive. Whilst Defraggler sees the C and D and E drives it doesn't see and hence defragment the 5 additional partitions.


    The mounted drives are convenient in partitioning different aspects of my work and also they partition many unchanging files (many large) away from files which change regularly. They should reduce defragmentation and make defragmentation quicker. I have 2 DVD/DVD burner drives and a USB backup drive. The rest of the drives are used by virtual drives so I can run multiple programs (sometimes up to 10 simultaneously) where the program CDs must be inserted in a CD drive to operate. This setup meets my needs and I was rather surprised to see that the program did not recognise mounted drives. This means the program is largely useless. It worked well on my C drive but without the ability to see and defragment mounted drives I will need a different defragmenter.

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