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  1. I have just implemented Windows 8 Professional. I ran the latest CCleaner release with the standard parameters and then it is impossible to Attach Files on a Outlook.com message. I have gone through dozens of tests and I am sure that there is a problem with CCleaner.
  2. I am bashing nobody but I found that CCleaner wipes out User Identifications and Passwords when using IE8. But not with Firefox. It seems a CCleaner problem. I have made extensive tests with Win7 and IE8 without CCleaner. In that environment, the issue does not occur. The IE8 parameters have to be properly introduced: 1. Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Empty Internet Files folder when browser is closed unmarked 2. Tools, Internet Options, Content, Autocomplete, Settings, User names and passwords on forms marked. All the best.
  3. I have conducted extensive tests on the 32-bit and on the 64-bit environment. CCleaner works fine with IE7 and IE8 Beta2 in the 32-bit environment. But I regret to say that in the 64-bit environment with IE8, CCleaner does not work properly. IE7 works fine in the 64-bit environment. Besides I wish to quote CCleaner itself when it says in its FAQ that "It's currently partially compatible with 64bit XP and Vista, there are a few non-critical issues which are still being worked on."
  4. Please be informed that I use Vista Home Edition 64-bit French (living in Switzerland). Since I installed IE8 Beta 2, all my saved cookies are ignored and wiped out when I restart my very standard 6GB test PC.
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