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  1. You may have figured it out. I thought that it was CCleaner that was causing it so I reverted back to the last version. I had installed IE8 Beta 2 recently myself and last night had a security update that required an automatic restart in the middle of the night. This morning I had to log back in to websites and set preferences again, so apparently IE8 Beta 2 is the culprit not CCleaner. Leave it to Microsoft to screw something up, they seem to be really good at that considering how bad they messed up with Vista. Sorry that I pointed the finger at CCleaner becasue it doesn't look like it was their fault. Keep up the good work.
  2. I am using Maxthon for a browser. That is really irrelevant though as opening CCleaner doesn't happen inside of the browser, you can size the window of it however you like. I opened it up and used Photoscape to capture a screenshot. I prefer to use most programs utilizing the whole screen if possible. The only thing that I find window tiling useful for is working with spreadsheets. I run the taskbar on auto-hide and keep on top of other windows, this makes it really easy to access any of your open programs and still be able to see everything in them. You have to do entirely too much scrolling when using sized windows to see all of the info in them. Just my opinion though, everybody does what works best for them. I also don't like to keep a lot of shortcuts on my desktop, I put them in my Quick Launch bar instead accessible through the taskbar. I don't like a lot of clutter.
  3. Here is a screenshot of CCleaner with the Windows tab, there is really nothing on the Applications tab that could be afffecting anything. My system is WinXP Home SP3 32-bit. I had already thought about reverting back to an older version, I have the last 8 versions sittting in my downloads folder so it would be easy to do. I always save old versions because new is not always better. I had never had this happen until the latest version. Thanks
  4. I've ran CCleaner twice since I installed the latest version and it did it to me both times. I could probably turn off cleaning cookies and keep it from happening but that is one of the best features of CCleaner. I'm sure if you run it again it will do to you again. I hope they do a bug fix soon and release an updated version.
  5. I have noticed the same problem that you have. After I upgraded to the latest version (v2.11.636) every time that I run it , it wipes out all of my saved preferences and login info for websites. All of the cookies to keep are still saved like they were before. It is like the program is totally ignoring the command to keep those cookies and throwing everything away. I wish somebody would look into this because it is really annoying to have to login and save your preferences at multiple websites all of the time. Other than that I think CCleaner is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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