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  1. Oh ok, maybe it's another reason. Thanks for the help Keithuk.
  2. Yes I did save a backup and I did try system restore but in the last confirmation screen when I press next nothing happens, I mean I can keep clicking and clicking but it goes nowhere. Once again yea, I did save a backup and my question is how the heck do I get it back to it's place. Thanks. Edit: I found out a way to restore it, just double click the backup and press yes right? Anyway even after that nothing happened, still gets stuck in the windows welcome startup screen. I can't reinstall windows because there are extremely important data and I can't backup them all. You guys have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all, my name is BlooAcid and I need some assistance. Recently I used CCleaner fix registry issues and after that I've been having some trouble with windows. The next day I switch on my PC and windows gets stuck in the windows welcome startup screen(not when it's that blue color, when it's about to load, totally black with only mouse). I can still move the mouse but it's just black screen stuck but moving the mouse ain't much of a help lol. Though before fixing the issues I made a backup and now I have no idea how to get it back to it's place. I know, I should have read and learned how to do this all but I've been using CCleaner for a long time and I've done this fix registry issues for about 2-3 times and nothing really happened. The reason I think it's me using CCleaner carelessly is because the last thing I did before switching the PC off was the fix registry issues thing and the next day PC messes up. I wanted to buy a windows XP professional SP2 CD to boot from it and fix this with it's built in recovery console but as usual in a troublesome time it's hard as hell to find the solution lol. I would really appreciate if you guys help me out with this mess. By the way by any chances I can't reinstall because there are tons of extremely important data here. I'm really inexperienced with PC stuff so if you guys don't mind if it's something mumbo jumbo please explain it in a way I'd understand. Thanks a lot people. Cheers! -BlooAcid
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