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  1. Great point! dfulton, are you using the version of Internet Explorer that you run from the pretty tiled Start area, or the one from your desktop?
  2. Leon, I have a hunch that a problem that I have is very similar to yours and/or somehow related. The people posting in this forum were unable to help me as well, although I did not take this as lack of interest. I just assumed they provided all the help they could, which unfortunately did not work. My problem is that when I use CCleaner, my Windows 8.1 Outlook account password has to be reentered. Not right away, but once I shut down or sleep (the PC that is) after I have used CCleaner to clean. This also has the effect, of course, of disconnecting my OneDrive synching. I have narrowed this down to what is cleaned under Windows Explorer or System. I have not narrowed it further as of yet. None of the checked boxes seem to be what is causing the deletion of my Microsoft account password during cleaning, so I now have to wonder...is there anything cleaned under either of those two categories that is not shown as a checkbox entity? Would I find that in the Winapp file (I use whatever comes standard with CCleaner)? I suspect that solving my problem may solve yours.
  3. Just to follow up here....trying all the suggestions made did NOT fix this problem. Using CCleaner in any way so far deletes the Windows account log in. I do not meant the system password either. I mean the Live log-in needed to run the account if you use an Outlook/OneDrive connected Windows account rather than just having your Windows account as a local account. Any fix to this yet?
  4. Sorry, no pics. Your link to instructions does not seem to realize that the only options in the full reply are to provide a link to hosted pics, or to select My Media, which then does not recognize anything on my PC.
  5. Checked off under Windows tab: Internet Explorer Temp Internet Files History Cookies Recently typed URLs Index.dat files Last download location Autocomplete Form History Saved Passwords Windows Explorer Recent documents Run (in Start Menu) Other Explorer MRUs Thumbnail Cache Taskbar Jump Lists System Empty Recycle Bin Temporary Files Clipboard Advanced Old Prefetch Data Checked off under Applications tab: Firefox Internet Cache Internet History Cookies Download History Session Saved form information Saved passwords Compact databases Windows Store Bing Finance Bing Maps Bing News Bing Sports Bing Travel Skype Metro App Multimedia Adobe Flash Player Steam Windows media player Utilities NVIDIA Install files Windows Defender Windows MS Management Console MS Search MS Wordpad RegEdit
  6. Whoops! Well I don't see an option to upload the pics. Just one to share hosted pics. Let me get a list together of what is checked for you.
  7. Nergal, I will get the screenshots, but I have nowhere to host them. If I upload them here, will you see them? I am not a multimedia literate person at all. I never share photos, music, etc. Also, do you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. There are some fundamental differences about how files are linked within Windows.
  8. OK, unchecking the "network passwords" option for the cleaning cycle did not preserve the MS account credentials. Surely someone here knows what to exclude to prevent this issue? This has not been a problem with all versions of CCleaner BTW.
  9. I have double-checked the login.live.com cookie listing. That is and always has been sitting in cookies to keep. I will re-check the network passwords setting. However, if this is the problem, this should be changed in CCleaner. I do not want to keep network passwords, and the Windows account login should not be included in that cleaning setting IMHO.
  10. Hello! Every time I use CCleaner (not the registry cleaner), it erases my Microsoft account log in. I then get the message in Action Center to log back into my MS account for the machine's backup and Store functions. How can I make CCleaner avoid erasing this info? When I just run "Analyze" and click on each item, nothing jumps out at me as the stored credential. I do not delete Memory Dumps, ChkDsk files or Windows Log Files, nor do I run the registry cleaner.
  11. Andavari, perhaps CCleaner actually goes by the last date accessed or date saved instead of date created or modified?
  12. When I had Kaspersky 2010 loaded, I had the same problem as you. After I got fed up with Kaspersky and changed to Norton on one machine and Zone Alarm on the other, my Vista x64 set-ups are just as speedy as ever with CCleaner. What I did not think of (because Kaspersky was slowing everything down, so I didn't care about just the CCleaner issue), is looking under "Applications" in CCleaner and if Kaspersky is in there, try unchecking it.
  13. Anyone know how I would go about adding an entry to the WINAPP2.INI file to clear the Windows print spooler? For those times when the print cue gets fubarred, this might be handy.
  14. Hi! Just a quick note. If you use Firefox, you will get that warning message if the download manager is open or active as well. I currently run the latest versions of both Firefox and CCleaner on Vista Ultimate, and I have had no problems. When I get that message, I know to go and close either the Firefox browser or the download manager. Also, if your Java app is still running for some reason, this may cause this message as well.
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