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  1. Oh, you are wright not the same. We had safeboot installed and wanted to use the disk again after the format. Changed MBR didn't allow to boot a disk, even with Windows partially installed on it (using bootable CD). The problem sb2k has is serious indeed... I remember in my company we sent to IT another corrupted disk (couldn't boot for some reason and data couldn't be resored using "standard" software). IT department managed to get all the data (software from Safboot vendor?) and reinstall the system. Thus, maybe if you can get the data back, fix MBR, reinstall the system and Safeboot if needed. Sorry for confusion.
  2. Had the same problem (safboot) left on HDD after its format. Small DOS program called MBRFix solved the problem. http://www.sysint.no/Download/tabid/162/la...NO/Default.aspx Cheers
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