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  1. No, that would assume that you have only 2 drives and have no idea what you are doing. It's up to the user to know how to restore something and to where. The entire time Recuva is running and not allowing you to minimize to the system tray you can still use your computer to do anything... it just forces you to look at it and not be able to make it go away or make it stop wasting the taskbar space. Minizmie to systray is a good feature and there are close to no programs I can think of that should not allow for it, *optionally* of course.
  2. There should be a way to make Recuva minimize to the system tray while doing long secure delete operations. Right now the popup window that shows the progress bar and stuff prevents you from minimizing it through the main program's window. You can either allow the main program to be accessed also or make the popup window go away and move that info next to the scan button in the main interface. While in the system tray if you put your mouse over the icon it can popup a little hint box that shows the current progress percent or something.
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