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    Flash cleaning

    Thanks Andavari, i will try that! I'm not back for good by any means EDIT: That didn't give any info.
  2. CeeCee

    Flash cleaning

    Hello, long time no see I just while ago switched to Opera Cromium (from Opera 12.17). Chromium uses own storage location for (Pepper) Flash. With Opera 12, CCleaner works just fine cleaning Flash temp files etc. With Cromium i created my own inlude rules to clean those, and exclude rule for keeping the settings file. I just wonder how CCleaner is able to remove visited domain entries INSIDE the settings.sol file? I mean for Opera 12 it does that, without deleting the settings file. I have not managed to do that with Chromium settings.sol. I'm not sure if those entries are stored somewhere in the registry too? What are CCleaner default rules for cleaning Flash?
  3. Just installed the latest Libre. Regarding recent documents; deleting the .xcu file also restores all your modified settings on Libre?
  4. If you have signal problems http://thechive.com/2011/08/09/how-to-boost-your-wifi-signal-with-a-beer-can-7-photos/
  5. CeeCee

    Opera 11.51

    Same here hazel.
  6. CeeCee


    thanks everybody not going to be a regular user here, but will check every now and then. keep up the good work!
  7. CeeCee


    Hi everybody
  8. Mine is set to run at start up.
  9. Yeah. Not really a fan of them, but they have some good songs, like My girlfriend's girlfriend and I don't wanna be me.
  10. Yeah, that's true, and i wondered that one too.
  11. Maybe you are being sarcastic, but it's there. Just go there and remove it.
  12. You can find the solution here: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bull.../apsb10-08.html
  13. MozBackUp (even the latest) does not seem to work with my TB 3.0. The back up file seems to be way too small with over 300 mails.
  14. Well, NTREGOPT is a good and safe choice, but for example Free Registry Defrag has Analize feature, which is good to have, so you dont defrag, when theres actually no need to. What you can do, is to Analize with FRD, and then defrag with NTREGOPT, if there's need to. If you do prefer NTREGOPT.
  15. CeeCee

    Empty XP Folders

    Don't delete OS related empty folders. They might not be critical, but they are often times re-created after system reboot. It's better to leave them alone. And since they are empty, they don't take any disc space.
  16. CeeCee

    August Desktops

    Hi again guys! Here's my new desktop:
  17. CeeCee


    Thanks! Very good for tracing some unknown files, and get a good inside look.
  18. CeeCee


    There's some additional cleaning, i noticed. But there's also some stuff, that shouldn't be cleaned; like some Winamp media library files. If you remove, it restores the library view, for example. Good practice with unsure files, is to first manually delete them to recycle bin. Then you can open whatever program and see what has changed. If there's unwanted changes, you can restore those files from recycle bin.
  19. CeeCee


    Wipe Wipe - is a free, easy and powerful tool to clear user browsing history, clean index.dat files, remove cookies, cache, logs, delete temporary internet files, autocomplete search history and any other tracks that user leaves after using PC. No user documents deleted, just tracks that computer records about your activity without your permission! Wipe includes DODD 5220.22 (Gutmann, Russian GOST) algorithms that makes deleted tracks unrecoverable. Even more! Wipe will shred file names of deleted items so noone will be able even guess what you did on your PC! http://privacyroot.com/software/WIPE-info.php
  20. CeeCee

    April Desktops

    Maybe. Dunno where it's from. But yeah, it's beautiful. I just searched for a spring wallpaper.
  21. Just a cup of coffee and some bread.
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