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  1. As matter of fact that is the deletion software I am currently using. As you mentioned it does out perform several of the paid programs I have tried. Its open source and overall a great program. As far as uninstaller software, I am currently using vista & xp manager for these purposes which seems to do quite well. It would be nice to minimize all the additional programs needed to install just to suite your needs. All the extra installs causes slower performance in windows itself. After all isn't that what ever body is after. (Increased performance)
  2. The main reason I would is because I guess you could say I am quite picky when it comes to maintaining my system's. I always make multiple pass's of all files and folders when I no longer need them. I basically never send anything to Recycle bin. Secondly if I ever have to run data recovery software due to various reasons it dramatically increases the time, minimizes the list of items to recover as well as a better percentage of recovering what I need instead of sifting through everything. There are a few more reasons but those are my primary choices. Rick
  3. I was referring to files and folders stored on the hard drive that when no longer needed, the average user would just send it to the recycle bin. It would be nice to have a right click context menu for secure deletion of that file without having to send it to the recycle bin. In this case it would securely delete the information from the hard disk where it exists making data recovery impossible, rather than leaving the location and file names behind and only securely deleting recycle bin files. Example: I download a CCleaner update. I install the program and no longer need the exe. Instead of sending it to the recycle bin, I would right click and have the option to "secure delete". I am very familiar with the CCleaner software and have never seen this option for individual file and folder deletion. I hope that I have cleared up some confusion in my request. Thank you for your response! Rick
  4. Multiple pass file & folder deletion. User selectable pass's or standards such as the 7 pass NIS or the 35 pass Gutmann & throw in a context menu and it would be everything I need.
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